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Over the course of 21 years, we’ve published many unflattering stories about Henry Kissinger. We’ve recounted his involvement in the Chilean coup and the illegal bombings of Cambodia and Laos; his hidden role in the Kent State massacre and the genocide in East Timor; his noxious influence peddling in DC and craven work for dictators and repressive regimes around the world. We’ve questioned his ethics, his morals and his intelligence. We’ve called for him to be arrested and tried for war crimes. But nothing we’ve ever published pissed off HK quite like this sequence of photos taken at a conference in Brazil, which appeared in one of the early print editions of CounterPunch.
The publication of those photos, and the story that went with them, 20 years ago earned CounterPunch a global audience in the pre-web days and helped make our reputation as a fearless journal willing to take the fight to the forces of darkness without flinching. Now our future is entirely in your hands. Please donate.


Yes, these are dire political times. Many who optimistically hoped for real change have spent nearly five years under the cold downpour of political reality. Here at CounterPunch we’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, without illusions or despair. That’s why so many of you have found a refuge at CounterPunch and made us your homepage. You tell us that you love CounterPunch because the quality of the writing you find here in the original articles we offer every day and because we never flinch under fire. We appreciate the support and are prepared for the fierce battles to come.

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Archives from August 2004
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It’s Not About the Election, It’s About Democracy
It’s time to be completely frank here. If George Bush and his cabal have their way, it won’t matter who gets elected on November 2nd this year. Just like they did in 2000, these men and women will steal the election if they must to stay in power. In o...
How to Win the Jewish Vote
When Yitzhak Rabin coined the phrase "political settlements" (the opposite of "security settlements"), he was referring to settlements outside the settlement blocs that more or less abut the Green Line. President George Bush does not distingui...
Cheney Opens the Closet Door
Vice President Dick Cheney parted ways with President Bush’s homophobic doctrine on Tuesday August 24. Speaking in front of a conservative crowd in Davenport Iowa, Cheney said, "[My wife] and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue that our family...
Defining and Redefining Torture
Recently, a U.S. government lawyer argued before a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit–including the eminent jurists Richard Posner and Frank Easterbrook — about what the definition of "torture" should be. The ...
Coronado Crosses the Jordan
The occupier: ‘We will keep your land indefinitely under our control. Until you stop fighting us, we will take more and more of your land and resources. We will dig ourselves in deeper and deeper, until you stop fighting us. We will direct your government, ...
An Echoing Press and Political Fundamentalism
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Reading the International Private Media
With Chávez’ barely contested victory in the long awaited referendum on his mandate as Venezuelan President, there has been a manifest change in the attitude of the mainstream media towards Venezuela’s Bolívarian revolution. VenezuelaR...
Iraqi Olympians Trash the Occupation Troops
"The image of the Iraqi soccer team in this Olympics, it’s fantastic, isn’t it? It wouldn’t have been free if the United States hadn’t acted." President George W. Bush, Beaverton, Oregon, August 6...
John Kerry: the Warchurian Candidate
On the closing night of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, John Kerry took to the podium, raised his hand in a military salute and declared, "I’m John Kerry, and I’m reporting for duty." There couldn’t have been a mor...
From Vietnam to Fallujah
The recent controversy surrounding the "Swift Boat Veterans" ad challenging John Kerry’s Vietnam record and his later statements as a leader of Vietnam Veterans against the War (VVAW) have fallen into predictable partisan perspectives. Republicans ...
The Meaning of Hugo Chávez
To the sputtering fury of a Bush administration who has repeatedly conspired with Venezuela’s elite to drive Hugo Chavez from power, the Black Indian President of this oil-rich nation has scored a decisive 59% victory over a recall effort. Chavez now sits mo...
Driving on the Bones of God
It is 7am, already hot as hell and another code red day. I am cresting Mount Weather on Route 7 Virginia and into the face of a blood red sun behind a pink sticky haze that makes commuting so ghostlike here during the dog days of August. The code red is an atmosph...
Bush May Be the Lesser Evil
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A Shameful and Unsavory Editorial
Dear Editor Your editorial’s (Aug. 14) juxtaposition of my words, taken from my statement which was rooted in an advocacy for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, with a passage from a domestic group, rooted in prejudice, was shameful and unsavory, at the ve...
Brave New World of Iraqi Sovereignty
This is what the Brave New World of Iraqi Sovereignty looks like: * US military bases remain, with more being built. * Some 160,000 troops of the United States and its allies remain, the Americans for at least five years. * US mil...
The Unraveling of Afghanistan
Donald Rumsfeld’s trip to Afghani...
The Gendered Degeneration of American Politics
Christopher Lasch, in The Culture of Na...
Build, Demolish, Rebuild
Former CIA Analysts We’re again in Jerusalem and the West Bank to help rebuild a Palestinian home demolished recently by Israel. As we did last year, we’ve joined a two-week work camp sponsored by an Israeli opposition group, the Israeli Committee ...
Ali’s Story
Baghdad. I am furious. Ali, one ...
Iraq Soccer Team Give Bush the Boot
Sometimes we are reminded that the Olympics can serve as an international platform not only for nationalism and truck commercials, but also resistance. In an incredible piece by Grant Wahl on Sports, the Iraqi Olympic Soccer team has issued...
Failing the Mission? Form a Commission
QUESTION FROM THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT: "How can the United States and its friends help moderate Muslims combat the extremist ideas?" REPORT RECOMMENDATION: "The U.S. government must define what the message is, what it stands f...
The ADL Wants You to Think So
On Thursday August 20th, the Washington Post reported that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has branded Ralph Nader a "bigot", which is a furtive way of saying they think the independent candidate for president is a vile anti-Semite. Nader has come under...