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Archives from July 2004
The Emotional Casualties of War
Association of Women in Pyschology There is only so much emotional damage from war that psychologists and psychiatrists can fix. In this highly psychologized and psychiatrized society, there is a grave danger that the United States as a nation assumes that the...
Will Congress Rearm the Guatemalan Army?
Vice President Eduardo Stein, accompanied by Human Rights Commissioner Frank la Rue and Defense Minister Mendez Pinelo, will visit Washington July 21-23 to deliver a presentation on the recently reformed Guatemalan military in an effort to ease the ban on Internat...
A Dime’s Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
1. Milk Bars, Hollywood and the March of Empires by Alexander Cockburn 2. Jolene: On the Line in Detroit by Marsh Cusic 3. The Butterfly Has Landed by Jeffrey St. Clair 4. Binti Jua’s Family Values by Alexander Cockburn ...
A Dime’s Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
5. Women, Abortion and the Democratic Party by Brandy Baker 6. The Instructive History of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition by JoAnn Wypijewski 7. Soul Brother: Clinton and Black Americans by Kevin Alexander Gray 8. Notes fro...
A Disease of Conceit
Any person who is honestly opposed to the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan has got to wonder why the movement that developed against the US war on Iraq before the March 2003 invasion has faltered so badly and now seems to be caught up in the movement to elector...
Let’s Be Fair
Democrats and liberal defenders of John Kerry, are throwing tantrums over Ralph Nader’s new found affinity for conservatives who are aiding his ballot efforts in swing states. According to a Detroit News report, Greg McNeilly the Executive Director of the Mi...
A Defense of David Cobb
I usually find that I agree with and appreciate the stands you have taken, but I must disagree with your take on David Cobb and the Green Convention, and I think you have been mislead by your sources in your recent article. In as...
The World is Knocking on Israel’s Door
When The Hague speaks, the world listens, especially when a threat to international peace is involved. At least this was the case until the International Court of Justice took aim at Israel. At issue was the Israeli government’s building of a separation wall...
Girlie Stuff
I think it’s safe to predict that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be forgiven for calling certain Democrats "girlie men" — just as he’s been forgiven for groping women and for talking fondly about Aryan ubermensch. Our media are always more ...
The Bush / Kerry War Ticket
Like tens of millions of American voters, I am desperate to see President Bush out of the White House. But I’m not voting for John Kerry. I’m not that desperate. When it comes to the centerpiece of the Bush presidency — the invasion and oc...
It’s Over Barb!
How unfortunate that you have chosen to continue the pseudo-liberal smear campaign against Ralph Nader as both a candidate and man i...
Burying Iraq, Burying Bush (Part One)
MEXICO CITY Iraq is a nation of buried souls. The voices of the millenniums murmur to us from Babylon and Ur and Mosu,l the buried songs of warriors and poets, invading armies buried beneath the sands, the headstones of British generals crumbling in a Kut b...
Marie and the Ghosts
Sometimes a trivial episode throws a revealing light on a grave public disease. A classic example: the Captain of Koepenick. On the face of it, it was a minor criminal incident: in 1906, a shoemaker named Wilhelm Voigt was released from prison, after servin...
Scant Coverage of US Labor Opposition to Iraq War
Recently the two biggest stories in the U.S. news media have been the war in Iraq and the presidential election campaign. Labor unions have been part of a number of major stories on the presidential campaign, especially stories about Senator Kerry’s selectio...
The Death of the Great Writ of Liberty
Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, the unlawful enemy combatant case, is of greater importance to the future of this country than many realize. But the Supreme Court decision is full of contradictions and deceptions. On the one hand, the Court upheld the right to due process. On ...
"Popular Participation" in Bolivia’s Gas Referendum*
When Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez gave the signal for the propaganda onslaught — accompanied, coincidentally, by paramilitary threats and harassment — in favor of his referendum in October 2003 (in which 81% of the Colombian pop...
Mendocino County is Crazier and Fatter Than the Rest of California!
How nuts are we? Plenty. Fat, too. According to page 33 of the 2004 Mendocino County Community Health Status Report — an expensively produced, grant-funded 40-page booklet — we’re mucho nutso and fatso grando. The bad news, o...
Not Gay Marriage, Just Marriage
Cade and Adeline are both highly educated and accomplished professionals. Cade is a physician. Adeline is a public-interest attorney with a Harvard Law degree. Cade first noticed Adie at a Thanksgiving dinner. He says that throughout the evening, he noticed Adie s...
What Has Been Accomplished?
In a January 1, 2004 New York Times editorial, Secretary of State Colin Powell listed a number of goals the Administration resolved to achieve during the year. With 2004 half over, it’s time to take stock, to applaud accomplishments, identify shortfalls, and...
Iraq’s New Terrorist Prime Minister
"In Iraq we meant to render futile both the theory and the practice of terrorism; what we have done instead is to endow it with diplomatic credentials, making credible the policies of blind assassination." Lewis H. Lapham; HarperR...
Four Missiles, 14 Deaths
The Independent This is how they like it. An American helicopter fires four missiles at a house in Fallujah. Fourteen people are killed, including women and children. Or so say the hospital authorities. But no Western journalist dares to go to Fallujah....
Cannabinoid Therapeutics
The directors of the University of California’s Center for Medical Cannabis Research–Igor Grant, MD, and Drew Mattison, PhD–organized a "workshop" in Paestum, Italy last month that seemed to violate their basic mandate. The event...
Man Stands on Bridge, News at 11
Do I look like I saw a ghost? A while back, Attorney General John Ashcroft received unprecedented police powers over ordinary citizens. Some of us complained. "To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty," he responded, "my ...
Our Geographical Blindspot
The concept of progress is to be grounded in the Idea of the catastrophe. That things ‘just go on’ is the catastrophe. ­ Walter Benjamin. Scanning through the mainstream press and digesting the fairly errat...
Carter: "I Don’t See Anything Wrong with Generals Running the Country"
On July 5, Indonesians went to the polls to vote in the country’s first direct presidential election. Jimmy Carter, observing the process in his role as saviour of enlightened capitalism, enthused, "Of the 50 elections the Carter Center has monitored, I...