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Archives from May 2004
From Wallens Ridge to Abu Ghraib
The object of torture is torture. George Orwell, 1984 Senator James Inhofe (R. Ok.) never ceases to amaze and amuse with unique and mindless view of the world. It was he who recently described global warming a "hoax.&qu...
Can Camilo Mejia Get a Fair Trial?
The first trial in the Abu Gharib prison torture saga concluded with a guilty plea by SPC staff Seargeant Jeremy Spivits. Spivits was sentenced to one year in prison and a "Bad Conduct Discharge." As well, Spivits was ordered to provide ev...
How the CIA Taught the Portuguese to Torture
For several days in the early summer of 1974, I had open access to a strange and terrible prison near Lisbon, then empty because of the coup that April which ended 48 years of fascist dictatorship in Portugal. My prison time in Caxias was a never forgotten experie...
Darkness at Noon
Rafah. Some say they heard it at 10 A.M. – others said they heard it at 11 A.M. on Wednesday: Loudspeakers calling the men of Tel Sultan to leave their homes and proceed to the Omariya School. The refugee neighborhood of 25,000 souls has been under co...
Our Iraq Legacy May be Chaos and Anarchy
former CIA analyst Apologists for the disasters now facing America in Iraq have been, with astonishing consistency, afraid to go back to square one and admit that the idea was stupid and ill-advised in the first place. What they should be doing is taking Dick ...
What He Did as a Catspaw for Teheran: How He Nearly Bankrupted Jordan; the Billions He Stands to Make Out of the New Iraq
Earlier this week, just as administration officials were leaking the news that Ahmed Chalabi’s monthly $340,000 monthly Pentagon stipend was at last being cut off, they learned that Chalabi was investigating a potentially far more profitable income stream. &...
Why the US Turned Against Their Former Golden Boy — He was Preparing a Coup! What He Did as a Catspaw for Tehran: How He Nearly Bankrupted Jordan; the Billions He Stands to Make Out of the New Iraq
In dawn raids today, American troops surrounded Ahmed Chalabi’s headquarters and home in Baghdad, put a gun to his head, arrested two of his aides, and seized documents. Only five months ago, Chalabi was a guest of honor sitting right behind Laura Bush at th...
Why an Election is Called a Race
This week, as America was marking the 50th anniversary of Brown (the landmark racial segregation decision by the US Supreme Court), India was enacting its own version of Brown — Browns Only! Where the Warren court of 1954 ruled that the constitution did not ...
The War Crimes of Bush, Cheney and Co.
Dear Congressman Conyers: We write to ask that you take the lead in efforts to appoint special counsel to investigate the top officials of the current US Government executive branch and their leading co-conspirators. The targets of this proposed investigati...
Ocean Commission Report Falls Short
The recently released preliminary report of the US Commission on Ocean Policy, with all its flaws, got one thing right: we need to 3end the race for the last fish.2 But the commission didn1t go far enough. We need to radically reform our domestic regional f...
A Change Gonna Come
Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. -Arundhati Roy Porto Alegre, Brazil, World Social Forum, January 27, 2003 Pekin Federal Prison Peoria, Illinois &quo...
Genocide by Public Policy
Many words are taboo when used to describe Israel’s actions against Palestinians. One word in specific, genocide, sparks emotions that echo across Israel, Europe and America. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines genocide as "the deliberate and systema...
The Most Important Thing I Learned in School This Year
The following is an essay written by a High School sophomore in Freyburg, Maine, as the essay part of the final exam in his English class. His teacher sent it to CounterPunch as an example of the uprightness of modern youth. The most important lesson I lear...
The Failure of Its Aggressive Foreign Policies is Inevitable
former CIA analysts Recently a journalist in Singapore asked for our help on an article about U.S. foreign policies for an English-language newspaper on that island-nation. The journalist asked for our thoughts, in writing, on four specific questions that caus...
Fractured Reflections on Kissability
Tuesday morning, 8:53 a.m., MAN PRESIDENT kisses Woman President and begins: "Thank you all very much. Finally, AIPAC elected a President I can kiss. (Laughter and applause.)" Mornings all should be like this–thanking crowds for electing kissable p...
The Indian Elections of 2004
Nobody expected these results. Across the country, the hundreds of millions of Indian voters rejected the economic "reforms" associated with IMFundamentalism. The most dramatic repudiation of these "reforms" came in the southern state of Andhra...
Caterpillar Should Do the Right Thing, Now
Unable to sleep, I decided to write. For the past week, my email box has been flooded with desperate pleas for help from the people in Rafah, a Palestinian village on the border with Egypt. Since last week, the Israeli Army has relentlessly hammered the people of ...
Who is Kenneth deGraffenried?
Seymour Hersh, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for his expose of the My Lai massacre and its cover-up during the Viet Nam war, is a formidable figure in the world of big media journalism. He is reported to be an extraordinarily difficu...
Who to Trust: AIPAC or Amnesty International?
In a speech recently, President Bush says Israel has a right to defend itself against terror but he made no mention of Israel’s government’s "war crimes." Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorism, but does Israel’s g...
Out of Iraq and Plato’s Cave
"What is reality anyway? Nothing but a collective hunch." –Lilly Tomlin It’s all about images, hype and our salesman’s culture. A week before the pictures of Abu Ghraib exploded, killing Am...
Homes Destroyed; Death Toll Mounts
Even if he turns out to be the second worst president in US history, John F. Kerry will still be better than our sitting president. At least many liberal and progressive Americans are stating as much in order to justify their support for the leading Democrat. Howe...
If Malcolm Were Alive
(A speech delivered at the 14th Annual Malcolm X Day Festival in Greenville SC on May 16th and in Columbia SC on Malcolm X Day, May 19th) Like Malcolm, I want to speak to you in a straightforward, down to earth way that you can clearly understand. I ...
The Body Burden
Chemical and biological weapons disguised as beneficial pesticides and herbicides are poisoning Americans. Exposure is at levels "well above officially permitted thresholds established by government health and environmental agencies," according to "...
Man on a Leash
"He remembered, suddenly, his days in boot camp in the South and felt again the shoe of a white officer against his mouth. He was in his white uniform, on the ground, against the red, dusty clay. Some of his coloured buddies were holding him, were shouting ...
The Gaza Debacle
Two weeks after 60,000 Likud members voted against a pullout from the Gaza Strip, about 150,000 Israelis filled Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv, calling upon the government to proceed with the withdrawal plan. The first group supports the vision of a Greater Israel, the ...