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The US Geological Survey recorded a minor earthquake this morning with its epicenter near Wasilla, Alaska, the probable result of Sarah Palin opening her mail box to find the latest issue of CounterPunch magazine we sent her. A few moments later she Instagrammed this startling comment…


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Archives from September 2003
Good Morning, Vietnam!
As the American Democratic primary campaign heats up with the addition of a general and second Vietnam veteran, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, it is perhaps appropriate, and certainly no surprise, that the situation facing the American invaders and occupiers in Iraq w...
Mother Jones Smears Rachel Corrie
Mother Jones demonstrated how low it could set its standards for investigative journalism when it hired Newsweek reporter Joshua Hammer to surf the web and write a 7000-word feature story on Rachel Corrie and the International Solidarity Movement ("...
"Not Yet!" On the Bicentennial of the Execution of Robert Emmet
Robert Emmet was executed two hundred years ago this day. "Behold, the head of a traitor!" the hangman held up his severed head dripping with blood onto the cobblestones of Thomas Street for the dogs to lap up. On the anniversary of this ignominy letR...
The Moral Development of George Bush
If George wasn’t driving the world down the road to extinction with his wars, his environmentally disastrous choices and world alienating policies–"Look at me, ma, no hands" he says while sitting behind the wheel of our children’s futur...
When Terrorists Talk of Human Rights
On September 8, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez said "when terrorists start feeling weak, they immediately send their spokesmen to talk about human rights." He said while some human rights groups were "respectable", others were "pol...
An Interview with Danny Schechter, the News Dissector
Engel: Tens of millions, possibly over 100 million Americans have access to alternative or indy media via the web. How can we blame the corporate media, which is so transparently corrupt, for the "American People’s" support of the war and general i...
Contracts and Politics in Iraq
When American troops are stationed overseas the US will have a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the host country which defines the legal responsibilities of the US and the host country. The SOFA will address entry and exit of personnel and personal be...
The Real Story Behind RIAA Propaganda
A musician friend of mine who releases his albums on his own label recently asked me, "What about the little record company, like mine? If people can get all my songs for free, then who will buy the CD?" My heart just about sank when I heard this ...
Return to Afghanistan
As the Bush administration moves from one global "hot spot" to another, news of Afghanistan, the administration’s first professed military success story, is largely eclipsed by reports of these new ventures. July’s cogent and sobering 101 pag...
WTO Collapses in Cancun
Luis Ernesto Derbez, the commerce-minded Mexican foreign minister and the official host of the fifth ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization, slid behind the podium of the great auditorium at the ultra-modern convention center here last Sunday evening,...
End of the Road Map
Everyone pooh-poohs the road map. From State Department and other "quartet" officials through the office of Ariel Sharon to international activists and the average person on the streets of Palestine and Israel, one would be hard-pressed to find a single ...
Hitchens Smears Edward Said
When I first discovered Edward Said’s Orientalism I was overwhelmed but also overjoyed: though I knew I lacked sufficient erudition to read the book as it deserved, I also knew that I had found a source which could challenge and direct my study and gradually...
a Review of A Phat Death
Who is Nina Halligan? Imagine Mike Hammer as an African-American woman with leftie politics who was once a New York City prosecutor until she skirted certain rules regarding evidence after her family was killed by a gangster and you begin to get an idea. The heroi...
In Defense of the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
Introductory Comments and a General Defense Boycotts are age old undertakings. Unlike sanctions, which are enforced by governments and sometimes destroy the lives of millions of ordinary people (as in the case of the 12-year sanctions against Iraq) boycotts...
Brazilian Land Reform Offers Hope
Across Brazil’s vast landscape, poor people, in groups of hundreds, are moving onto land that is claimed by others. The poor are demanding that land be distributed to them as part of an ongoing national agrarian program. Powerful landholders are threa...
High Tech Heroin
Dostoevsky once wrote that "in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, ‘Make us your slaves, but feed us.’" His prophecy is relevant when examining the modern Information Age — a dark, corporate-controlled society...
Wesley Clark and Waco
Originally Published June, 1999 On February 28, 1993 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms launched its disastrous and lethal raid on the Branch Dividian compound outside Waco, Texas. Even before the raid, members of the US Armed Forces, many of them ...
Leavitt for EPA Head? Much Worse Than You Thought
As a rule, secretaries of the Interior Department come from the West and directors of the Environmental Protection Agency hail from the East. Ronald Reagan breached this cardinal political tenet by picking Anne Gorsuch Burford of Colorado to head his EPA departmen...
Payback is Hell
I recall listening to now Solicitor General Theodore Olson making his pro-Bush argument before the Supreme Court in December 2000. He was not doing particularly well and his side-kick, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, stepped in and proposed a promising argument....
The Terrible Truth About Iraq
A Great and Noble Thing? When will America face up to the terrible truth about the invasion and occupation of Iraq? Every day the casualties mount. The number of American soldiers killed since Bush declared victory now outnumber those killed in the invasio...
The Pakistan Squeeze
Pakistan has perhaps taken more risks than any other nation in America¡s war on terror. Yet it remains most insecure about its relations with Washington. In fact Pakistan’s extensive and risky cooperation with the US has done little to alleviate its ow...
Gen. Wesley Clark
Gen. Wesley Clark is a major war criminal. Please don’t be fooled by the current well-orchestrated push to nominate Clark as Democratic Party nominee for president, at trap which Michael Moore has apparently fallen into as well as a number of other well-mean...
Meet the Real Wesley Clark
Originally Published June, 1999 Anyone seeking to understand the bloody fiasco of the Serbian war need hardly look further than the person of the beribboned Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley K. Clark. Politicians and journalists are generally accordi...
Behold, the Head of a Neo-Con!
Since the breed is now being ripely abused as the sponsors of the US debacle in Iraq, we had better be clear about its political bloodlines. What exactly is a neo-con? The label was first stuck on those Democrats classed as liberals in the early 1970s who thought ...
The Reconstruction of Iraq
Iraq has just turned a page of her history, with the fall of a dictatorship and the hope for a better future. Yet a tragic cycle of disorder and violence has set in. Attacks have been proliferating. Fanaticism and hatred have struck everywhere: the Jordanian embas...