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Archives from June 2003
Commercials, Disney and Amistad
There is another aspect of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell’s desire to allow more and more media conglomerates gobble up more independent television and radio stations and newspapers. Mega media companies are now as arrogant and ins...
The Consistency of Sharon
One thing to keep in mind about the current push for peace between Israelis and Palestinians is that Ariel Sharon is one of the most consistent political figures in the Middle East, and he keeps his word. It is a deeply chilling observation. Back in the ear...
A Message from Tehran, Is It Worth It to Risk Your Life?
How awful it is when one feels and experiences oneself absolutely ignorant and shaky and uncertain, unable to decide and do anything. This is the kind of feeling I have been increasingly experiencing as the ‘political’ events in Iran escalate. The only...
The Real Clash of Civilizations
There is a real clash of civilizations in the world, but one that has little to do with East and West. It is found in the advanced world and consists in the values of traditional liberalism being attacked by the right wing. Nowhere is this battle noisier and of mo...
CounterPunch’s Favorite Novels (in English)
Alexander Cockburn
–coeditor CounterPunch Books-writ-in-English I’d throw in the car to read on the way to somewhere? 20th century novels I truly love? Start with P.G. Wodehouse. Two of his best, written in the late 1930s or early 40s, ...
Bush and the "Revisionist Historians"
Speaking to small business owners in New Jersey June 16, President Bush said there was no doubt that Saddam had posed "a threat to the United States" since 1991. "This nation acted to a threat from the dictator of Iraq. Now there are some who would ...
US Prisons as Strategic Hamlets
As we settle into the twenty-first century, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Although the fear of "terrorism" has significantly weighted US laws in the police’s favor, the primary reasons for the high incarceration...
The Gray Panthers’ Corporate Connection
With millions in corporate monies marinating everything from the Congress to the Smithsonian, little is left untouched. From the Nature Conservancy, to the National Consumers League, the corporate cash is flowing, and many public interest groups are swimming in it....
Down on Our Knees
Standing before more than 1,400 loyalists and lobbyists who threw him more than $3.5 million, President Bush claimed he "got the economy going again . . . laid the foundation for greater prosperity" and defended the country against terrorism. Assu...
Time will tell if the Democratic Party electeds fell for it again. If they have, it will be unfortunate because untangling the WMD issue and the questionable intelligence surrounding it is a battle worth waging, and progressives haven’t seen a decent congres...
The Scourge of Hopelessness
"But modern industrial warfare may well be leading us, with each technological advance, a step closer to our own annihilation." Chris Hedges, War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning Each day the newsp...
10 Reaons to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
1. Fulfill Existing Obligations. The nuclear weapons states have made solemn promises to the international community to negotiate in good faith to achieve nuclear disarmament. The United States, Russia, Britain, France and China accepted this obligation when they ...
The Son of the Rosenbergs on the 50th Anniversary of
Editors’ Note: ROBERT MEEROPOL was 6 years old when his parents, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were executed in 1953. He has dedicated his life to activism, helping to found the Rosenberg Fund for Children in 1990 to aid the children of activists...
The Unholy Alliance in the Territories
Minutes after the Ta’ayush activists arrived at the wheat field together with the Palestinian villagers, a group of settlers, lead by the Rabbi of ‘Maon’ settlement, began running down the hill towards them. The settlers shouted at the harvesters...
Todd Gitlin’s Condescending Screed
Letters to a Young Activist, Todd Gitlin, Basic Books, 2003, 174 pag...
The Wages of Terror, an Interview with R.T. Naylor
We have been told that the War on Terrorism will be a long war and that it will be unconventional-and it has been. Declaring war on one enemy, then bombing a country known to have no ties to the enemy is certainly unconventional. But of course, there were those al...
Seven True Things You Can’t Say on TV
We have been told that the War on Terrorism will be a long war and that it will be unconventional-and it has been. Declaring war on one enemy, then bombing a country known to have no ties to the enemy is certainly unconventional. But of course, there were those al...
Iraq War as Danse Macabre
The great question that lingers in the aftermath of the war America waged against Iraq is: Where are the weapons of mass destruction over which the war was allegedly fought? This is clearly the topic of the moment. A recent Washington Post article (June 13th) is t...
The Fat Man in Little Boy
Let’s talk about the night The Fat MAN raped you. How old were you, seven, eight, nine? I was eight, I think. "KABOOM!" the Fat MAN screamed. "What? What?" "Only kidding," laughed The Fat MAN, stroking HIS B...
Pierre Bourgault, the Life of a Quebec Radical
Quebec political activist and intellectual, Pierre Bourgault was a man for whom politics and passion were woven from the same thread. The greatest orator that either Quebec or Canada produced of his generation, perhaps even of the century, he triggered the spark s...
The Pitstop Ploughshares
Dublin. "They won’t actually get put in prison, will they?" Call it a postcolonial hangover, but Irish people have a healthy skepticism about high-minded concepts such as "an independent judiciary". So when you mention to ordinary...
Danny Goldberg’s Imaginery Kids
Danny Goldberg’s new Dispatches from the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit ...
Lying, Flag Waving and Redefining Conservative Values
"Residents said the troops had appeared to fire randomly in the direction of the city center after coming under attack, killing two occupants of a white Nissan pickup truck traveling near the scene. The wreckage of the truck was still visible. ...
A Serious Conversation
It was an SRO crowd in the huge, stark lecture hall at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. The UCAD campus is like the Senegalese capital itself–most of the wealth you see is human. There were no windows in the lecture hall, and the doors were closed to bl...
Bloodbath in Colombia
A series of joint operations by the Colombian army and right-wing paramilitary death squads have resulted in scores of civilians being killed. Whilst the Colombian government claims that they are working to cut the links between state security forces and illegal p...