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The US Geological Survey recorded a minor earthquake this morning with its epicenter near Wasilla, Alaska, the probable result of Sarah Palin opening her mail box to find the latest issue of CounterPunch magazine we sent her. A few moments later she Instagrammed this startling comment…


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Archives from May 2003
Terror Alerts in Australia
Here is a copy of the Australian Labor party’s (opposition) budget reply for 2003. Budgets have little humor or sex appeal, but this one’s interesting in that it comes at a time when our universal healthcare system, "Medicare", the one Hillar...
American Beef Supply at Risk
The Canadian Agriculture Minister announced this week that a cow in Canada has tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as mad cow disease. The United States immediately imposed a ban on Canadian beef and cattle imports, but the American ...
The Nether-Nether World of GW Bush
What is truly astonishing in light of the newest wave of terrorist bombings, the shredding of the Road Map, and the mounting problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the fact that, so far at least, none of this seems to be impacting on the popularity of G.W.Bush. ...
What Rates a Headline in the Middle East?
It was an all too familiar scene in Afula on Monday. Screams, sirens and blood stained ground. When Hiba Daraghmeh detonated the explosives strapped around her just outside a shopping mall, she took the lives of three innocent people in a most brutal fashion. Most...
Reason for Hope
The following remarks were delivered by Carl Camacho Jr., senior class president, on May 17, 2003 at the one hundred and fiftieth commencement ceremony of the University of Wisconsin at Madison on behalf of the graduates of 2003. I...
Long Live People’s Park
In April of 1969, an eclectic bunch of people in Berkeley, California reclaimed a piece of land owned by the University of California, dug up the asphalt parking lot there, tilled the soil, planted trees and plants, put in a swing set and benches and turned it int...
Republic of Fear
By any reasonable calculation, members of the Bush administration should be looking for jobs as desperately as this year’s college graduates. There are two million fewer jobs in the American economy today than on the day George Bush took office, and that fac...
How "Blood Money" Becomes "Business Opportunity
"How best to govern the state? First rectify the language." Confucius. Last week we learned that the Bush Administration lied about the extent of Halliburton Corporation’s involvement in the "reconstruct...
Ari Fleischer Quits the Scene
White House flack and fabulist Ari Fleischer quits his post and says he is leaving because he wants to be with family, because he’s been in government service too long and wants to go into the private sector, da-da, da-da–all the usual things people in...
Shopping, the End of the World and George W. Bush
"There shall be a fourth kingdom on earth that shall be different from all the other kingdoms; it shall devour the whole earth,and trample it down, and break it to pieces."–Daniel 23 As I browsed the New York Times ...
Dialysis with Osama
Dear Sindy, So as you know I get my dialysis treatments in Pakistan because it’s like so much cheaper and Daddy says there’s no way he’s paying MSRP not even for his little angel, plus Mummy can come with me and go shopping for uncut ...
The Fatuous Defense Cabal
There should be a shake-up in the manner Washington handles foreign policy. The first thing that should happen is official barring of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz from commenting on matters other than defence in its most confined definition Bush has almost achiev...
Whither American Nationalism?
There is nothing that infuriates us Americans more than a suggestion that our intensely held feelings of patriotism amount to nationalism. Nationalism, we contend, is a quality found in older nations. And it does not take much for actions by other Americans to be ...
Where Louie Dwells
Dubya’s graduating class at Yale is having its 35 anniversary at the White House. New Haven is not a secured city. He might confront Americans. If a C student can’t journey to Yale Yale will come to a C student...
Two Morning Poems, May 2003
1 It’s hard to wake up in a country run by pissants with war- heads. with dead eyes. with pissy bullies’ mouths. with bad talk badly said. with no pleasure except in that which is power and futile...
In Iraq, the Signs of Breakdown Are Everywhere
In one sense everybody, supporters and opponents of the war in Iraq, got it wrong. Opponents denounced US plans to impose neo-imperial control the country. Supporters spoke of the good things the US planned to bring to the Iraqi people once Saddam Hussein was over...
Why Ari Should Have Resigned in Protest
At the White House today, Ari Fleischer announced that he will resign as press secretary to President Bush effective in July. Ari says he has spent 21 years in government, he never intended to spend the rest of his life in government, he’s recently married a...
Toward a Just and Peaceful World
University of California at Berkeley Graduation Ceremony, African Studies Department, Commencement Address, May 17, 2003 Congratulations proud young graduates! You have accomplished an important milestone in your lives. Impo...
Graham’s God and George’s Evolution
George W. Bush was appointed into the White House as a proudly born-again "Christian," and his "compassionate" conservative administration entered the White House accordingly, as if it had a mandate from the gods, when it didn’t even have...
The Fine Print to Bush’s Road Map
The ‘road map’ for peace given recently to the Israelis and the Palestinians is probably a genuine effort by the so-called Quartet — the United States, United Nations, the European Union and Russia– but the plan lacks an essential element o...
Still Whining After All These Years
An article in Sunday’s Washington Post with this headline caught my eye: "Justice Thomas Tells Law Grads of Being ‘Crushed’ By Rejection." The article went on to describe Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s speech to Saturday&...
Bush’s Eternal War Backfires
More than 50 dead in a week. Thanks for the Iraq war. Thank you, Mr Bush and Mr Blair, for making our world safer by ridding us of the one tyrant–Saddam Hussein–who never had any connection with 11 September 2001, or with the Riyadh bombin...
My Lunch with Ann Coulter
Say “American conservative commentator” and what do you picture? A middle-aged guy in shirt and necktie, right? Speak of a “hardline Republican pundit” and what else comes to mind? Perhaps a big-mouth butterball like Rush Limbaugh? Or a Bible-bashi...
The Last Refuge of Goofy
The Wall Street Journal thing was the last straw. Mammon’s house journal had let the piss-ant drop a rant on a literary lion. God knows, Norman Mailer might have deserved once to be bitch-slapped by Vidal, stiffed by Lowell, a reticent look of dismay fr...
A Letter to Kofi Annan on the Missing Evidence
Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity
The Honorable Kofi Annan, Secretary General The United Nations (via fax) Dear Mr. Secretary General, We are former intelligence officials who have served many years at senior levels of the US intelligence community. As the role of int...