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Archives from April 5th, 2003
The Relief Shambles in Iraq; Makiya Hails Bombs As "Music"; Will Any Puppet Regime Have A Future; US Hawks Invoke Iraq’s "Sickness" as Rationale for Jackboot; Saddam: Did He Pre-record Everything; More on Blitzer’s Voice; Pig Lovers Rage at Hitchens Slur
Meet and Greet Within a very few weeks of the United States’ occupation of Japan the civic leaders of Nagasaki, eager for good relations with the conquerors, were boosting a Miss A-Bomb contest. Can a Miss Daisy Cutter contest be far behind for the pe...
Where Next for the Peace Movement?
As "teachable moments" go, Baghdad and Basra a month before George Bush ordered those cities bombed was indeed memorable. I saw the resilient human spirit alive and well after two decades of privation, war and repression. I experienced only warmth...
Iraqis Slaughtered, Islam Slandered, Humanity Demeaned
As American made projectiles rip through Iraqi tissue, fracture bone, severe heads and scatter what was once a human body onto fields, floors and walls, the Bush fascists in business and government are salivating for a bite of the carcass that is Iraq. European an...
What the Christian Chuch Could Not Do, Islam Has Done
For over 200 years the Australian Aborigine has been the target of genocide aimed directly at them. In the first 100 years, they survived being hunted down like animals and shot or beaten to death, poisoning with arsenic in gifts of flour, poisoning of the...
The Paintings of Lucian Freud
There is a red chair in an indistinct room. It stands alone. Hundreds of naked bodies have sat here or sprawled across it. Now its arms are frayed. The upholstery is stained black by contact with human skin. The painter is Lucian Freud. The chair is a fixture in h...
US Vows to Deal with Other Mideast Regimes
A communique received in Jerusalem from the American administration this week says the United States is operating with strong resolution to neutralize the Iraqi threat to Israel. After the war, the message continued, the United States will deal with other radical ...
Georgie on My Mind
The crimes of American country music are great and many: for every Hank Williams there is a Conway Twitty, for every Gram Parsons a Garth Brooks. Johnny Cash may well have been arrested for stopping to smell the flowers, but his crimes pale into insignifance compa...
Canada’s Opposition to the Anglo-American Invasion
The federal government of Canada, led by Prime Minister Jean Chretien, has officially refused to join the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. Canada’s position in international matters is generally to respect and comply with multilateral institutions. It tries ...
Li’l Box of Love: a novelini
1. Gagging Rena Alone in the warehouse of the Novelty Factory, I wore a mask of fame, gagged Rena with a plum. Rena almost-woman million dollar tits and ass and not a scent – it freaked me, the not-smell sterile darkness in her mouth and my reflectio...
Israelization of the United States
The images of the American armada plowing through the deserts of Iraq, bombing military and civilian targets, laying siege to Iraqi cities, targeting Iraqi leaders, shooting civilians, blinded by sandstorms, stalled, ambushed, shocked by the Iraqi resistance, faci...
Civilian Deaths and Official Apologies
It may reflect a purely humanitarian concern for civilian life, or perhaps a more calculated apprehension of what commentators have dubbed the "al-Jazeera effect" – the fact that images of civilian death and suffering in Iraq will further inflame a...
Or Much Ado About Nothing
This could have been an important document, IF… IF all the parties really wanted to achieve a fair compromise. IF Sharon and Co. were really prepared to give back the occupied territories and dismantle the settlements. IF the Americans w...
The Future of the World?
As the battle for Baghdad (or perhaps the siege of Baghdad) begins to take shape, we are left to wonder what lies ahead. It’s looks pretty likely that the US’s overwhelming killing machine will eventually destroy the regime, either by destroying most o...
In Order for Life to Continue
Earlier this week I received an urgent call from my young friend, Feras al Bakri (the courageous UPMRC Ambulance Driver)–"An’ne, where are you now? Come on, quickly, quickly to my home! Today I am nearly killed". A 10-minute sprint through th...
Bullets, Bombs, Bibles and Bush
Even as the sleek techno-wizardry of "Shock and Awe" gives way to the old-fashioned slog of "Blood and Guts" on the battlefields of Iraq, the Bush Regime’s postwar plans continue apace. It’s now clear that the Bushists aim to turn I...
A Busy Day for Bulldozers
It’s been a busy day today for Israeli bulldozers. They had to do 16 houses by sundown, and they couldn’t start until the men who live in them had gone off to work in the morning. But those machines are tireless, and by the end of the day, you could fi...
Would You Have Sent Your Son (or Daughter) to War If…
American families have always responded to the call of their President to send their sons and daughters to fight on behalf of the country. The cries of alarm resound over the years: "Remember the Alamo," "Remember the Maine," "Remember Pea...
Learning to Count the Dead
Thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed or badly wounded by U.S. and British bombs and guns. Thousands. Go up to and see for yourself the number of civilians who have been killed. Here’s the problem: None of us living in th...
Gay Marine Refuses to Fight
A 20-year-old gay Marine Corps reservist is seeking conscientious objector status. Lance Cpl. Stephen Funk turned himself in to military authorities in San Jose today. Outside the Marine Corps reserve center Funk told a small crowd of supporters that all wa...
Iraq War as Arms Expo
Arms manufacturers and military publicists invariably use new conflicts to showcase their latest wares. With fawning descriptions of weapons systems now continually available on 24-hour cable news stations, the current war in Iraq may prove to be the largest arms ...