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Archives from September 2002
The Shoney’s Incident
Hussein Ibish
When I arrived in San Francisco last Friday morning, I was whisked off to the local studios of a network news channel for a scheduled debate on Iraq. That debate never took place since I found myself transfixed by and commenting on a dramatic roadside search of su...
All that Matters is Oil
Adam Federman
No king, no president, no group of capitalists, will hatch a war without justifying it on the grounds that it serves the common good and cannot be avoided for this or that reason, and that the nation’s standing in the eyes of other peoples, henc...
The Other Israel, a Review
Kathleen Christison Former CIA Political Analyst
The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and Dissent by Kathleen Christison former CIA political analyst A very close friend, non-Jewish, recently told me that, although she does not sympathize with much that Israel has done to the Palestinians in the last fe...
Why Do They Hate Us?
Riad Z. Abdelkarim, MD
One of the most widely asked questions in the weeks and months following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against our nation has been, "Why do they hate us?"– the "they" in this question ostensibly referring to the world’s Arabs and M...
Bush’s Wars
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
[What follows is the transcript of a televised debate from the excellent Australian SBS program ...
American Primacy at Bay
Ahmad Faruqui
The United States of America, accounting for a twentieth of the world’s population, generates a third of its gross domestic product, and owns about half of its financial wealth. Militarily, it has no equal. Culturally, it is the world’s leading film an...
J. Edgar Hoover vs. Alfred E. Neuman
Dave Randall The Independent
The congressional hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee are in progress. Senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin straightens his papers and looks up, licking his lips at the prospect of the next witness: a slight, boyish figure crossing the room. As he settle...
Bush’s War Dossier
Robert Fisk The Independent
Years ago, in a snug underground restaurant in downtown Tehran, drinking duq–an Iranian beverage of mint and yoghurt–Saddam Hussein’s former head of nuclear research told me what happened when he made a personal appeal for the release of a friend from pr...
A Voice for Peace
Kurt J. Leege
As I stood at the anti-war rally in New York this morning besieged by the rabid reborn cult of Lyndon LaRouche, a terrible thought occurred to me: Throughout all of the articles written and arguments condemning the upcoming war, regardless of political affiliation...
A New Theology of Power
M. Shahid Alam
“This book sounds an alarm: Israel, through the deep and pervasive power of its lobby, threatens deeply-cherished American values-especially free speech, academic freedom and our commitment to human rights.” Paul Findlay, They Dare ...
Snitching at Shoney’s
Wayne Madsen
The Bush administration, complete with its Homeland ("Heimland") Security fixation, Gestapo-like TIPS (Terrorist Information and Prevention System) program, and continuous war preparations and sabre rattling, now has its own hero: Eunice Stone of Carters...
Rebel Angel, A Memoir. Chapter Three
David Vest
Chapter Three: Neither-Handed J. O. Curnutt, my maternal grandfather, bought me a typewriter and a stack of newsprint when I was 12 and told me to “get to writing.” A veteran of the First World War, he had met Tallulah Bankhead and claimed to ha...
Lacking Tenacity
Josh Frank
With a backwards administration gutting social services, butchering the environment, and unashamedly scrambling to war; the gates of liberal dissent are left shuttering in their wake. But who holds the essential keys to stop the parody? Our cheerful Democrats do. ...
a Review of Bernard Lewis’ Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
Anis Shivani
Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response. By Bernard Lewis. Oxford University Press. 180 pages. $23. Bernard Lewis, leading Orientalist and Professor Emeritus at Princeton, has been in great demand by the American media for his e...
Bush Across the Rubicon
Robert Fisk The Independent
How small he looked in the high-backed chair. You had to sit in the auditorium of the UN General Assembly yesterday to realize that George Bush Jr threatening war in what was built as a house of peace could appear such a little man. But then again Julius Caesar was a litt...
The View from Istanbul
Behzad Yaghmaian
The short walk through the Egyptian Spice Bazaar is a stroll in heaven. It is a page in a book of history of the East, and romance with the past. The magnificent colors of spices–blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and white–resonate the beauty of the gr...
The Bush Administration, a Short History
Ben Tripp
Mark Twain’s significant other, Samuel Clemens, once remarked that “Journalism is the first rough draft of history.” Not any more. Someone else will have to take up the skein of our time and weave it into the rich tapestry of days, someon...
A Witness from the Past
Uri Avnery
A person who died 1900 years ago was summoned this week by Ariel Sharon to appear before his verbal kangaroo court. That, in itself, is not surprising. In Jewish consciousness, there is no clear borderline between past and present, as there is none between ...
Nuclear Plants and Terrorism
Jeffrey St. Clair
As George Bush and Tony Blair fume timorously about Saddam Hussein’s taking babysteps toward acquiring a primitive nuclear weapon, it is clear that the real nuclear threat resides much closer to home. The original plan for the 9-11 attacks called for ...
Democracy and US Policy on Cuba
Tom Crumpacker
Primo io, dopo io, sempre io, viva io. Benito Mussolini Our government has said for years that the purpose of its Cuba policy is to bring democracy to Cuba...
Contempt Within a Civilization
Zeynep Toufe
[Speech given on 9/11/02 to an anti-war community forum meeting in Austin, Texas.] When I came to this country a few years ago, I honestly expected it to be a very closed, repressive society. That was my only explanation of why U.S. foreign policy could be ...
The Cost of War
Mark Weisbrot
Back when the first Gulf War was being debated, I gave a speech at an anti-war rally in Charleston, Illinois. A university student interrupted to heckle. I stopped and looked at him: “You look like you could carry a gun. If you think this war is such a great...
Bush and Iraq, Contempt for the United Nations
Adam Jones
On September 12, U.S. President George W. Bush addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations. He was there to make the case for vigorous action against Iraq. Bush told delegates that the U.N. had been born in “the hope of a world moving toward justice...
No Thank You, Mr. President
Lev Grinberg
Following end of the ’67 battles, the Israeli government decided to knock down the barriers separating Eastern Jerusalem and annex the eastern Palestinian neighborhoods. Expecting immediate American pressure to withdraw from the conquered territories, the go...
Bush at the UN
Tom Gorman
President Bush spoke to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, September 12 about the supposedly urgent need to attack Iraq. The following is a list of statements made by him that are either illogical, half-truths, or outright falsehoods, with responses to each....