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Archives from September 2002
Janet Reno
In light of Janet Reno’s concession of defeat in Florida’s primary elections, and as an addendum to Chris Ruddy and Carl Limbacher’s current best seller, “Catastrophe,” America needs to remember the horrific evil perpetrated by then-A...
Random Thoughts on Anti-Americanism
If someone asked Karl Marx (you know, the author of the Communist Manifesto and Capital), circa 1860, what was the most advanced and progressive nation on the globe, he would have stated unhesitatingly: the United States of America. It boasted, in his view, the wo...
Germany Shows the Way
Wayne Madsen
Ironically, it is Germany that has pointedly shown the rest of the world that George W. Bush’s march to war and attendant post-9/11 totalitarian trends in the world can be blocked through an election process. The German Red-Green coalition fought off a chall...
The American Century
Chet Batsmack, American
Here’s what you Europeans fail to understand. I’ll give it to you real simple because I know some of you folks are still struggling with your indigenous languages. Everybody says the 20th Century is “The American Century”. This kind of shut...
Hunting with George
I was ten years old in a red plaid jacket and a blaze orange hat, it was deer season in New Hampshire, and some goddamned fool from New York fired a .30/30 round at me with his brand new lever-action Marlin 336. The bullet punched a hole in a birch tree ten yards ...
Smear Mongers
The shockwaves of 9-11 have had a chilling effect on civil liberties in the form of the Patriot Act and the repressive measures taken by a plethora of government agencies. One must add to this the fallout from the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, and it...
Campus Watch
Will Youmans
A Philadelphia-based pro-Israeli organization with the seemingly innocuous name, the Middle East Forum, began a website to monitor US college campuses for academic pro-Palestinian bias and happenings. Campus-Watch (...
Another Oil War
Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Once again the world now waits with fear and trepidation regarding the threat of a US attack on Iraq. The President provides as justification for this impending attack the Iraqi refusal to comply with UN resolutions regarding weapons inspections, the allege...
Webwarfare Comes to America
Lawrence Davidson
A new front in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been opened in the United States. This has not been done by Islamic fundamentalists, or radical Palestinians. It has been done by American and Israeli computer hackers. Action on this new front has taken the form...
Democratic Party Shams
Philip Farruggio
Let me be as concise as possible. You watch C-Span or tune in to those “talking heads” shows, you invariably come across politicians “posturing”, especially during election cycles. Okay, as progressive-minded (a.k.a. practical), well-read w...
On the Contemporary Relevance of the Manchurian Incident
Gary Leupp
On September 18, 1931 (70 years before the Sept. 11 attacks), the opening salvoes of World War II were fired in Manchuria. As I have been reading Bush’s comments comparing Saddam to Hitler, and German justice minister Herta Da?bler-Gmelin’s remarks com...
What Would Jesus Do?
Archbishop Robert M. Bowman
As the world lurches from crisis to crisis and from war to war, we tend to hold powerful forces — governments and multinational corporations — responsible. But for those of us in the Church, it is appropriate for us to examine our own culpability. We h...
Six Weeks of Quiet?
Chris Meyer
“The Israeli government reserves the right to be just as outraged at the loss of an Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldier, gunning down a Palestinian family on the West Bank, as at the loss of an unarmed civilian in Tel Aviv ..”...
Wild, Wild West Politics
Steven Hendricks
My vote’s more important than yours. Sorry, but I got it coming to me. I wake up every day to a governor who calls herself “the lapdog of industry” and a U.S. Senator who calls Arabs “ragheads” and a state House that wants to abolish ...
The Murder of Arafat
Uri Avnery
While I am writing this, Yasser Arafat is still alive. But his life is hanging on a thread. When we visited him the last time in his bombed-out Mukata’ah compound in Ramallah, I warned him that Sharon is determined to kill him. Everybody acquai...
The Bush Victory in Iraq
George Bush has already won a victory in Iraq, and we’re not talking about weapons inspectors’ access inside the country. The administration’s beating of the war drums has drowned out the dominant stories of two months ago — the corp...
A Memory of Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings, former Executive Director of the Worker Center of the King County Labor Council, and the Calumet Project, passed away on April 28th, from complications from an amputation and long-suffered effects of diabetes. In some of my conversations with some of...
Greed Without Limits
The ultimate downfall of the corporate globalizers may be that they know no limits. Not satisfied with imposing pull-down agreements on the trade in goods, Big Business is looking to do the same thing for services through the General Agreement on Trade in S...
Alejandro Escovedo’s By the Hand of the Father
SUSAN MARTINEZ Click Here For A Spanish Translation By Oscar Sarquíz.
Click Here for a Spanish Translation by Oscar Sarqu?z. I was the first baby delivered in spanish in Bakersfield, California, by Dr. Ramirez at Greater Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. My father recorded the event on reel to reel t...
Por la Mano del Padre
Traducido por Oscar Sarqu?z. Yo fui la primera beb? tra?da al mundo en espa?ol en Bakersfield, California, por el Dr. Ramirez en el Hospital Greater Bakersfield Memorial. Mi padre grab? el evento en cinta de carrete, y me hizo o?rla una vez. De hecho, la puso vari...
The Ann Coulter Test
Dear Ann, Those snarky coastal leftwingers laugh when you claim you’re in touch with the common man. Here’s a chance for the Saxon Klaxon to make them eat their words! Take this quiz to prove just how down you are with the folks in flyover coun...
Forgetting bin Laden
What cowards! I’ve never seen anything like it. Send in the Marines to bomb ‘em–or what’s left of ‘em from ’91 — back to the stone-age. Bomb a city that was erected thousands of years ago and has endured countless S...
A Birthday Under Curfew
Living under a twenty-four hour a day, military-imposed curfew often puts me into a reflective, somewhat philosophical, if not self-indulgent frame of mind. Perhaps its the confinement. Perhaps its the continuous shooting, shelling, and horrendous roar of the tank...
Advice from a Polemicist
I get an awful lot of mail from people looking for free advice. I have no beef with this, of course, except the ‘free’ part; giving advice comes naturally to a man accustomed to lead and be followed such as myself. Just the other day I was leading and ...
Concerned Citizen
Episode 1: Friendly Games. Script and Summative Comments ['70s cop drama, 30 min, color.] Opens with standard montage of sedans, blue and brown, tailfinned and otherwise, gliding over federally-funded blacktop. Then the obligatory shots ...