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Over the course of 21 years, we’ve published many unflattering stories about Henry Kissinger. We’ve recounted his involvement in the Chilean coup and the illegal bombings of Cambodia and Laos; his hidden role in the Kent State massacre and the genocide in East Timor; his noxious influence peddling in DC and craven work for dictators and repressive regimes around the world. We’ve questioned his ethics, his morals and his intelligence. We’ve called for him to be arrested and tried for war crimes. But nothing we’ve ever published pissed off HK quite like this sequence of photos taken at a conference in Brazil, which appeared in one of the early print editions of CounterPunch.
The publication of those photos, and the story that went with them, 20 years ago earned CounterPunch a global audience in the pre-web days and helped make our reputation as a fearless journal willing to take the fight to the forces of darkness without flinching. Now our future is entirely in your hands. Please donate.


Yes, these are dire political times. Many who optimistically hoped for real change have spent nearly five years under the cold downpour of political reality. Here at CounterPunch we’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, without illusions or despair. That’s why so many of you have found a refuge at CounterPunch and made us your homepage. You tell us that you love CounterPunch because the quality of the writing you find here in the original articles we offer every day and because we never flinch under fire. We appreciate the support and are prepared for the fierce battles to come.

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Archives from July 2002
Lie, Rob and Steal
Philip Farruggio
Ironically, it was Herr Schickelgruber who stated it most succinctly: "the bigger the lie, the more they believe" (and follow). And follow they did, through a path laden with death, destruction and repression. Just re-watched the excellent film &q...
Lie, Rob and Steal
Philip Farruggio
Ironically, it was Herr Schickelgruber who stated it most succinctly: "the bigger the lie, the more they believe" (and follow). And follow they did, through a path laden with death, destruction and repression. Just re-watched the excellent film &q...
Monitor Thy Neighbor
Rep. Ron Paul
Opposition to the Patriot Act, legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President last year, is growing. Americans are beginning to understand that many precious liberties have been put in jeopardy by the government’s rush to enact new laws in the wa...
Women Push Back
Russell Mokhiber And Robert Weissman
Let the corporate criminals take over Wall Street. And investors flee the market. Hello criminals. Goodbye market. Pollute nature. And nature confronts the polluters. Push the people to the edge of their misery, and the pe...
Thinking About the Weather Underground
Ron Jacobs
The Weatherman/Weather Underground Organization derived from a frustration inside the U.S. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) with the seemingly endless protest against the war in Vietnam and the racism endemic to U.S. society. Formed by some of the brightest...
A Scenario for American Dictatorship
Jerre Skog
Could the USA turn into a dictatorship? Of course not, the idea is preposterous! Or is it? Let’s look at a scenario: End of 2004, the polls indicate that G. W. Bush’s previous massive support has melted away to below 45% and his gang is destined...
The Patriot Act and Bookstores
Walt Brasch
Between a diner and an empty store that once housed a shoe store, video store, and tanning salon, in a small strip mall in Bloomsburg, Pa., is Friends-in-Mind, an independent bookstore. On the first floor are more than 10,000 books on more than 1,200 r...
Populist Reforms Are Only a Smokescreen
Norman Madarasz
So now our globalizing, populist counterparts claim, like good Marxists, that capitalist is used to crises, which it always overcomes. Or, better yet, that capitalism is crisis. Shareholder capitalism– the postmodern economic fantasy– is meeting its mo...
Van Morrison, In September
Gavin Keeney
"When the leaves coming falling down In September, when the leaves come falling down … When the leaves come falling down in September, in the rain When the leaves come falling down" –Van Morrison, "When the L...
War on Terrorism or Police State?
Rep. Cynthia McKinney
The attacks of September 11th, 2001 caused significant changes throughout our society. For our military services, this included increased force protection, greater security, and of course the deployment to and prosecution of the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and...
The Battle for Zuni Salt Lake
Jeffrey St. Clair
For the Zuni, this place is the center of the world. For the Department of the Interior under Gale Norton, it’s just another coal seam, 18,000 acres of wasteland just waiting to be strip-mined. The pueblo tribes of the Southwest call this place the Zu...
an Islam Primer
Gary Leupp
"We should invade [Muslim] countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Columnist Ann Coulter, National Review Online, Sept. 13, 2001 "Just turn [the sheriff] loose and have him ...
Am I with You, George?
Ansar Ahmed
Every time there is some news about the economy not doing too well, or some kind of underhanded business dealings exposed, or corporate corruption that will cost the average citizen (while maintaining the status quo of the business elite), I start to expect some k...
How Oppression Abroad Means Repression at Home
Bill Christison
Two questions that people too often divorce from each other have dominated the Bush administration’s actions since September 11. One involves foreign policy–how should the U.S. government respond abroad to the events of that date? The other involves domestic p...
Alan Lomax
Dave Marsh
Seeing Alan Lomax’s obituary on the front page of the New York Times irked the hell out of me. Harry Smith syndrome all over again—-the Great White "Discoverer" as the axis of cultural genesis. Lomax, wrote Jon Pareles, "advocated what h...
Confessions of a Summer Camp Terror Tot
Jacob Levich
The Israel Defense Forces this week cynically capitalized on an earlier public relations coup, releasing yet another snapshot of a Palestinian toddler posed with weapons. The photograph, purportedly seized during a military operation in Hebron, is reminiscent of l...
Why are the FBI and CIA Targeting Me?
Jennifer Harbury
I am writing today because I would like all of you to be informed about some very disturbing information I received last week. September 11 was certainly one of the most horrifying tragedies we have ever witnessed on our own soil, but I fear it is being badly expl...
Time for Special Counsel in Thomas White Affair
Joan Claybrook
In testimony last week before the Senate Commerce Committee, Army Secretary Thomas White stated that he has not been contacted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) about his possible involvement in the manipulation of California’s deregulated e...
The Rogue Elephant
Francis A Boyle
When George Bush Jr came to power in January of 2001, he proceeded to implement foreign affairs and defense policies that were every bit as radical, extreme and excessive as the Reagan/Bush administrations had starting in January of 1981. To be sure, Bush Jr had n...
World Trade Center Burlesque
Gavin Keeney
Now that the digital ink is dry on the six plans released July 16, 2002 for the benighted World Trade Center site, perhaps it is time to draw a few preliminary conclusions while rehearsing some recent events and possible future history. Any surmises at this point ...
The Struggle of Workers in Palestine
Gloria Bergen
When thinking of Palestine most people probably form images of air-raids, razed-to-the-ground buildings, stone-throwing children, Israeli tanks rolling down emptied streets, frightened people behind barred windows, and angry Palestinian working class kids planning...
Inside Kosovo, the Human Rubble of War
James T. Phillips
"There’s a Natural Mystic blowing through the air. If you listen carefully now you will hear. This could be the first trumpet, might as well be the last. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die. Don’t ask me why, thi...
Forbidden Truth
Wayne Madsen
To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, "Journalists who would give up some credibility for a little government access deserve neither." Too many members of the Washington press corps have become nothing more than toadies for the current administration. While e...
Of Mice, Bullets and Bombs
Kurt Nimmo
You may not realize it, but your home computer is a potential threat to national security. With an Internet connection and a few accomplished keystrokes, you have the ability to shut down electric and telecommunications grids, nuclear plants, water systems, subway...
The Hog Wallow
Alexander Cockburn
When did the great executive stock option hog wallow really start? You can go back to the deregulatory push under Carter in the late Seventies, then move into the Reagan Eighties when corporate purchases of shares really took off. This was the era of the leveraged...