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Archives from June 2002
The Story of Resolution 242 or How the US Sold Out the Palestinians
Kathleen Christison Former CIA Political Analyst
Henry Kissinger writes in his memoirs that when, upon entering the Nixon administration as national security adviser in 1969, he first heard the phrase “a just and lasting peace within secure and recognized borders”, he thought the incantation so platitudinous...
John Entwistle’s Heaven and Hell
The Hand Of The Father, Alejandro Escovedo (Texas Music Group)
John Entwistle “stood out because he played without emotion,” according to the Associated Press wire story announcing his death. Anyone who has ever heard the Who is advised to remember that humans are primates and primates are mainly visual beasts. An arachni...
Death Penalty, Juries and Scalia
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Amid all the assaults on the Bill of Rights, the trashing of the Bill of Rights in the Patriot Act, the denial of habeas corpus to citizens; amid all this, in the span of one week, the US Supreme Court has issued rulings almost beyond the dreams of the most ardent...
Taking the Pledge
Michael Yates
In 1991, nearly 30 years after I had graduated from high school, my twin sons, then 12 years old and seventh graders at a Pittsburgh public school, read an interesting story in their language arts class. A young teacher, admired and respected by her students, refu...
The Pledge of Allegiance v. the Constitution
Walter Brasch President Bush Call The Decision "ridiculous."
President Bush call the decision “ridiculous.” Sen. Maj. Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) said it was “just nuts.” New York Gov. George Pataki called it “junk justice.” Calif. Gov. Gray Davis, in whose state the decision...
Brazil’s Triumph
Norman Madarasz
RIO DE JANEIRO Sporting a haircut to end all football haircuts, Ronaldo — a survivor — brought Brazil the victory that four years ago was stripped from its over-confident soul. After three spectacular breaks in the first, the Milan Inter striker took a...
The Pledge of Allegiance v. the Constitution
Tarif Abboushi
In placing the blame for the current violence squarely on the Palestinians, President Bush has come up lamentably short. Replace your leadership, Bush tells the Palestinians. Meanwhile, the United States does business with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharo...
Reclaiming Our Commons in an Age of Corporate Crime
Ralph Nader
Hundreds of billions of dollars of the nation’s wealth-the people’s resources-are being openly confiscated by corporate interests. Government, the presumed protector of the public’s property, has become, instead, the enabler of the plunde...
Darryl Kile’s Great Day
David Vest
Last Saturday, June 22, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile was found dead at his hotel room, an apparent victim of undetected hardening of the arteries. He was 33. To call his death "unexpected" falls far short of the sense of shock felt through the...
The Loya Jirga Joke
Gary Leupp
From the outset, the Bush Administration made clear its distaste for "nation-building." The U.S. had not fared well in past nation-building exercises (in Lebanon in 1983, or Somalia in 1993); they left a very bad taste in the imperialist mouth. It had ex...
Jerusalem Under Attack
Neve Gordon
The last suicide bomber blew himself up no more than 300 yards from my Jerusalem apartment. The windows shuddered as the deafening sound filled the air. Then came a moment of silence followed by the loud echo of sirens. A friend who had seen the attack was...
Alternative Futures
Robert Jensen
There is no alternative. Capitalism is the only future. Free markets are the essence of democracy. How do we know? Because we are told repeatedly by smart guys from corporations and government, and by the journalists and academics paid to explain why the s...
Bush Speech a Setback for Peace
Stephen Zunes
On the one hand, it is reassuring that, after thirty years of rejecting the international consensus that peace requires the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel, an American president now formally recognizes that need. The bad news i...
Ridge Tries to Bully Longshoremen
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
At the rate things are going, it won’t be long before labor organizers are being thrown into military prisons, held without warrant as "enemy combatants". Tom Ridge, director of the Office of homeland Security has been phoning Jim Spinosa, head of ...
The Palestinian Saga Part Two
N.D. Jayaprakash
UN Partition Plan To safeguard US interests in the region, US President Truman, through a letter to British Prime Minister Attlee in November 1945, sought to appoint an Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine. The Committee, in tune with the new ro...
Sharon as Bush PR Flak
Robert Fisk The Independent
Put your flak jackets on, President George Bush has spoken. He wants a regime change in Palestine, just as he wants a regime change in Iraq. He reads the Israeli government press handouts and accurately quotes them to his American people. Ariel Sharon, wants the d...
The Palestinian Saga Part Three
N.D. Jayaprakash
It has always been difficult to fathom the meaning of occupation. But an eyewitness account by a keen observer of the goings on should be an eye-opener to anyone with an iota of conscience regarding the horrendous state of affairs in the occupied territories of Pa...
Arafat Calls for New Elections in US
Rahul Mahajan
Palestinian Authority President Yasir Arafat stunned the world yesterday by demanding that the United States hold democratic elections for a new Chief Executive before it attempts to continue in its role as broker between Israel and Palestine. "Mr. B...
The Palestinian Saga Part One
N.D. Jayaprakash
While there is constant harping about micro-violence (suicide bombings) and castigation of the Palestinians for the same, the world at large has practically turned a blind eye to the gross macro-violence (State terror) being perpetrated on them by Israel with the ...
The RIAA, The Library of Congress and the Web Pirates
The Hand Of The Father, Alejandro Escovedo (Texas Music Group)
Last week, the record company cartel for the first time gained a fee from American radio stations. That, not the specific rate, marks the real breakthrough of last week’s ruling by the Library of Congress that established fees for webcasting recorded music. RIAA mou...
Russell Mokhiber And Robert Weissman
So, you want to buy some stock in an American corporation. And you go to your broker. Brokerman, please help me. I want to buy some stock in an American corporation. But here’s the thing, Brokerman, sir. Is Wall Stree...
Bush’s Palestinian State
Sam Bahour And Michael Dahan
Last night’s long–awaited speech by President Bush was to set the pace for the Palestinians and Israelis to step back from the vicious and bloody cycle of violence that has gripped them for nearly two years. Instead, President Bush and his administrati...
Reform Now!
Uri Avnery
To: the President. From: the National Security Advisor. Top Secret. I hereby submit to you, Mr. President, the report of the secret task force for reforming Israel, parallel to the task force working on the reform of the Palestinian Authori...
Bush, the Compassionate Exerciser?
Walt Brasch
George W. Bush, the self-proclaimed compassionate conservative who doesn’t want government intruding into private lives, has just mixed government into private lives. In creating a new initiative, spun out as "Healthier Us," he told us heart diseas...
Will the War on Terror Follow the Path of the Cold War?
Jo Freeman
On June 9 the San Francisco Chronicle published an 8-page special section on the FBI’s "wide-ranging and unlawful intellig...