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Archives from May 2002
Russian Colonel, Insane But Fit for Duty
James Dunlop Chechnya Weekly
The Russian media have commented at length on the recent determination by psychiatrists employed at the Serbsky Institute in Moscow that Colonel Yury Budanov–on trial in a military court in Rostov-on-Don for having strangled a young Chechen woman in March of 2000...
Crumpling the Constitution
Walt Brasch
With one word, a federal judge has described not only John Ashcroft’s handling of the Department of Justice, but also the Bush administration’s policy of citing national security as the reason why it’s trying to hide the Constitution from ...
The Silent Destruction of Palesinte
Rev. Sandra Olewine
So much of the destruction against Palestinians which happens here is ‘silent destruction.’ This term was rightly used by Nigel Roberts of the World Bank quoted in an the article by Amira Hass describing the economic crisis within the Palestinian areas...
Chomsky v. Bennett
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
[CNN Transcript, May 30, 2002] PAULA ZAHN, CNN ANCHOR: They are two best selling authors with two very different takes on terrorism. In his book, “9-11,” Noam Chomsky accuses the United States of being a terrorist state. He says the war in A...
Jim Carrey–"I Just Want to be Loved!"
Steve Perry
Here is Jim Carrey, telling you pretty much everything you need to know about Jim Carrey: "I just knew [from an early age] that I needed a lot of attention from a lot of people and I needed to prove to the world that I was magic. That was the underlying facto...
Georgia and the War on Terrorism
Gary Leupp
Tucked under the Caucasus Mountains linking Europe and Asia, Georgia boasts a culture over 2400 years old. On occasion it has played a major role in world affairs; its most famous son, Iosif Djugashvili (Joseph Stalin) helped shape the twentieth century. Yet it, a...
Are You a Patriot or a Journalist?
Robert Jensen
‘Are you an American first, or are you a journalist?" Unfortunately that question–posed to a journalists’ meeting in Salt Lake City in April by distinguished newsman Bill Kovach–is necessary after Sept. 11, as the few who dared ...
Sex Among the Sacred
Tom Turnipseed
An evolving sex scandal involving dozens of Roman Catholic priests and their often young parishioners has the media focusing on sexual predators concealed for decades within religious institutions. Complete with cover-ups by higher-ups, the disturbing stories of s...
Web of Deceit and GM Foods
George Monbiot The Guardian
Tony Blair’s speech to the Royal Society last Thursday was a wonderful jumble of misconceptions and logical elisions. He managed to confuse science with its technological products. GM crops are no more “science” than cars, computers or washing machines, ...
The Cleaning Lady
Philip Farruggio
She works hard for her money, as the song relates. She’s the cleaning lady, the one who gets on her knees and scrubs your toilet of all the things that none of us would ever wish to look at, let alone touch. She mops and dusts and vacuums your house for $40-...
The Age of Inequality
Russell Mokhiber And Robert Weissman
Here’s the latest evidence of the startling growth of income and wealth inequality, in the United States and around the world: The Washington Post’s Ceci Connolly reports this week on the development of a new innovation in healthcare delivery: ...
Christopher Hitchens is No Longer an Authentic Voice of Dissent
Scott Lucas The New Statesman
It was a sudden, devastating attack. The perpetrator struck mercilessly, leaving no time for a considered response. When he had finished, the ‘left’ was in ruins. ‘I have no hesitation in describing this mentality, carefully and without heat,̵...
The Disastrous Foreign Policies of the United States, Part 2
Bill Christison
The all-out campaign of the U.S. to impose on the world its own version of big-corporation, free-trade globalization is every bit as damaging to international peace and justice as Washington’s unquestioning support for Israel’s policies on Palestine and the il...
Lincoln Brigade Memorial
Michael Leon
Madison, Wisconsin. Amid the national flag waving as the War on Terrorism continues its bloody toll, on this idyllic Monday morning about 80 people gathered in James Madison park here to honor the efforts and sacrifices for justice made by 45,000 freedom fighters ...
Castro, Bioterrorism and the State Department
Nelson P. Valdes
Last May 6, John R. Bolton, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, gave a presentation at the conservative Heritage Foundation entitled "Beyond the Axis of Evil: Additional Threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction." Bolton’s t...
Atomic Terror Alert
Harvey Wasserman
So if Bush knew something at some time about the possibility of terrorists using jets to crash into government buildings, why didn’t he do something about it before September 11? And far more important: If he knows something about the possibility of terrori...
Brazil, France and Politics of the World Cup
Norman Madarasz
Rio de Janeiro–Brazil went into FIFA’s 1998 World Cup as the confident defending champions. Four years earlier in Los Angeles, the "Selection", as the team is known at home, beat Italy in a scoreless epic, played in scorching heat, that ended...
I’m Through Pulling Punches
The Hand Of The Father, Alejandro Escovedo (Texas Music Group)
Ticketmaster now charges “convenience” fees up to 60 percent on concert tickets: They get $9 on the $15 tickets to John Mayer’s shows, for instance. There’s nothing Mayer can do to evade this “convenience,” unless he’d like...
The Coming Firestorm
Robert Fisk The Independent
So now Osama bin Laden is Hitler. And Saddam Hussein is Hitler. And George Bush is fighting the Nazis. Not since Menachem Begin fantasized to President Reagan that he felt he was attacking Hitler in Berlin – his Israeli army was actually besieging Beirut, killing th...
Farewell, Stephen Jay Gould
Jeffrey St. Clair
Look back at the life of the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould and we confront an astonishing fact: he was only 60 when he died at the start of this week. It hardly seems possible that Gould could have done so much work in so complex a field in so little ti...
The Unbearable Lightness of NGOs
Gavin Keeney
NGOs KNOW BEST NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in one form or another have been part and parcel of the theory of civil society since at least the 18th century. Today, the Enlightenment-era philosophy underwriting such institutions has been hijacked ...
Documents Prove Pentagon Violated Bioweapons Act
Edward Hammond
Three Pentagon documents proposing development of offensive biological weapons have been turned over to the US Department of Justice, the US government law enforcement agency. Two of the documents are from the US Naval Research Laboratory and the US Air For...
General Principles
Chris Floyd
Quietly, without fanfare, in a bland statement issued by its most "moderate" front man, the Bush Regime crossed another moral Rubicon last week, carrying the once-great republic they have usurped deeper into the blood-soaked mire of international crimina...
Reforming the CIA
Bill Christison
The CIA was established 55 years ago. The entire U.S. intelligence community today includes at least a dozen agencies and, contrary to general perception, the CIA does not actually control any of the others. Over these 55 years, the multiplicity of agencies has le...
It’s Time to Halt Executions Nationwide
Mark Weisbrot
Back in January, when the Enron scandal threatened to ensnare the Bush Administration, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer bragged to NBC’s Tom Brokaw after a hard day of managing the news. "Did you notice all the Enron stuff that everybody was as...