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The US Geological Survey recorded a minor earthquake this morning with its epicenter near Wasilla, Alaska, the probable result of Sarah Palin opening her mail box to find the latest issue of CounterPunch magazine we sent her. A few moments later she Instagrammed this startling comment…


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Archives from April 2002
Leaving Nablus
Kristen Schurr
Yesterday afternoon we walked through the deserted and dusty streets of Nablus- the only water I saw was the mud made by the sewage running through one street that we had to stand in while Israeli soldiers hassled us, checking our passports and questioning us. As ...
Israel and the Intifada for Dummies
Bernard Weiner
So much convoluted politics in the Middle East, so much history, so much violence and hatred. It’s all so confusing. So once again I turn to the noted reference series for answers that can help me make the turmoil and tragedy easier to figure out. Q. ...
Searching for the Truth in Jenin
Kathy Kelly
On April 17, we entered the Jenin camp for a third time, accompanied by Thawra. We had met Thawra the night we first entered Jenin. She came into the crowded, makeshift clinic organized by Palestinian Medical Relief Committee workers, cradling Ziad, an 18 d...
Drowning in a Sea of Apathy
Philip Farruggio
Dissent is not merely a right of sovereignty, it’s an obligation. Parroting Marie Antoninette, our current political leaders declare "let them eat cake", when there’s plenty of "bread" to share from our nation’s table. ...
Advice from a Gulf War Vet
Jeff Paterson
Do you know anyone in the military, or thinking about signing up soon? Pass this along to them. They may or may not appreciate it, but they deserve a heads up. In August of 1990, I was an active duty U.S. Marine Corps Corporal. I was ordered to the Middle E...
Free the Books!
Eric Flint
The Free Library was set up about a year and half ago, with the co-operation of Baen Books. Leaving aside the various political and...
A Peace Proposal, Bring in the Children
David Krieger
We receive many positive proposals for peace from friends and readers of the Sunflower and our web site. I wa...
A Letter from the Frontier
Chris Floyd
Gaius Aelius Messala legatus, XVII Legion to his brother, Quintus. Germania Magnia. 19 October [8 A.D]. Brother! Warmest greetings from the River Elbe. Tonight you recline on soft couches with your friends, feasting and drinking–and tal...
The Propaganda of Otto Reich
Tom Turnipseed
The Bush administration is engaging in damage control for their questionable involvement in the failed 2 day coup against the democratically elected government of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Alarmingly, the ominous Otto Reich is emerging as a key player in...
Bush Playing Russian Roulette with Palestinians
Sam Bahour
The United States of America is organizing another international conference in the Middle East. This one, sadly, emerges as a result of the destruction of Palestinian society by Israel. By doing so, the US is setting itself up for a political and security failure,...
A Year in the Life of Spencer Abraham
Jeffrey St. Clair
When Spencer Abraham toiled as the junior senator from Michigan, he wanted desperately to do away with the Department of Energy, a federal outpost that the Republicans have railed against since its creation under Jimmy Carter. In his six years in the senate, he ne...
A Colonizing Project Built on Lies
M. Shahid Alam
It is not an easy life when it must be lived, defended, justified everyday, every hour-before the world and before the bar of one’s own conscience-with lies, cover-ups, deceptions and sophistry. But this has been the particular burden of Zionists as t...
Undoing Chavez
Norman Madarasz
The recent coup in Venezuela shows that, in many ways, it’s only a secondary matter whether the CIA was informed_or whether it was behind it (...
Carrots, Sticks, Israel and Palestine
Norman G. Finkelstein
During the June 1967 war, Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza, completing the Zionist conquest of British-mandated Palestine. In the war’s aftermath, the United Nations debated the modalities for settling the Arab-Israeli conflict. At the Fifth Emergency ...
The Chemical Coup
George Monbiot
On Sunday, the US government will launch an international coup. It has been planned for a month. It will be executed quietly, and most of us won’t know what is happening until it’s too late. It is seeking to overthrow 60 years of multilateralism in fav...
Fear and Learning in America
Brian Wood
Dictated by phone IDF Attacks Church of the Nativity At 7:30 tonight, about 2 hours ago, the Israeli military attempted to break into the Church of the Nativity. I got a phone call from a friend in Beit Jala who said she had just received a call from a frie...
With the Wounded and the Homeless in Nablus
Kristen Schurr
I’ve been sitting with a 15 year old girl, a volunteer for the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees, under a grapefruit tree here in Nablus. Earlier today about 25 internationals and 6 Palestinian UPMRC workers, including 3 medics, a doctor, the gi...
Inside Jenin, Rubble and Decomposing Bodies
Brian Wood
It was by accident how we four internationals ended up in the Jenin Refugee Camp. We weren’t planning to go there today because we’ve been interviewing refugees that are in the villages outside of Jenin. We got to a village adjacent to the camp to interview so...
Fear and Learning in America
Robert Fisk The Independent
Osama bin Laden once told me that Americans did not understand the Middle East. Last week, in a little shuttle bus shouldering its way through curtains of rain across the Iowa prairies, I opened my copy of the Des Moines Register and realised that he might be right. ̶...
The Oilman, the General and the Coup that Failed
Gabriel Ash
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was ousted on Friday by a group of conspirators lead by an oilman and a general. The international press hastened to bury Chavez with summaries of his ill-fated career. But after spending only two days in military limbo, Chavez ret...
The US Should End Aid to Israel
Todd May
Philosophers are often renown for two things: their ability to think logically and their irrelevance to public discussion and debate. I am hoping to buck the trend a bit here by using my training in thought to offer a practical solution to a complex issue before t...
The Press, the IMF, the CIA and the Chaavez Coup
Ron Jacobs
I left for Boston early in the morning on April 12, 2002 with my son, who was going to visit a couple of colleges he is considering attending next year. Since it was so early, there wasn’t a lot of conversation between the two of us. Indeed, we mostly listen...
The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Coup Plotters
Jack McCarthy
"With yesterdays resignaton of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would be-be dictator." "Hugo Chaves Departs", New York Times editorial, 4/15/02 "…the violation o...
A Field Trip to Jenin
Susi Abeles
Jenin is one among many "closed military zones" from which the media is barred; it considered the most devastated of the areas assaulted and occupied by the IDF in the last two weeks of its incursions into the Palestinian Territories). Reports leak out o...
How I Got Over Last Week
The Hand Of The Father, Alejandro Escovedo (Texas Music Group Advance)
Amy Ray sings “Become You,” the title track of the Indigo Girls’ new album, while...