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Archives from March 2002
The Making of Exile on Main Street
Phyllis Pollack
Photographer Dominique Tarlé has documented the recording of the masterpiece album by the Rolling Stones, ...
Palestine, Palestinians and International Law
Francis A. Boyle
I am not Arab. I am not Jewish. I am not Palestinian. I am not Israeli. I am Irish American. Our People have no proverbial "horse in this race." What follows is to the best of my immediate recollection: The Big Lie Growing up in the United...
The Making of Exile on Main Street
Phyllis Pollack
Photographer Dominique Tarlé has documented the recording of the masterpiece album by the Rolling Stones, ...
The Israelis Took Over My House
Maha Sbitani
Yesterday at 5:00am I was awakened by what sounded like huge trucks. When I looked out the window I saw several tanks. A half hour later the Israeli soldiers rang the bell–we did not answer–then I heard them coming up the steps after breaking down the ...
Bethlehem Under Fire
Kristen Schurr
Last night, 30 March 2002, 20 of us stayed in Al Azzeh refugee camp of 5,000 inside of Bethlehem with several families expecting an invasion by the Israeli military. We went two to a house. There is no land to build on, so any new homes are built atop existing one...
Human Shields in Bethelem
Jordan Flaherty
I’m staying in the al azzeh refugee camp, in Bethlehem, along with about twenty other international civilians. We’re here to act as human shields, because we’ve heard an Israeli invasion is imminent. It’s 1:30pm right now, on Easter Sunday...
Lies Leaders Tell When They Want War
Robert Fisk The Independent
How much longer can Ariel Sharon pretend that he’s fighting in the “war against terror”? How much longer are we supposed to believe this nonsense? How much longer can the Americans remain so gutlessly silent in the face of a vicious conflict which is com...
Justice and Democracy Denied
José Saramago
In a village just outside Florence over 400 years ago, the villagers were at home or working in their fields when they heard the church bell. In those pious times the bells rang several times a day, so the sound came as no surprise. But the bell was tolling the de...
Does Pedophilia Scandal Spell an Opportunity for Catholics
Brian J. Foley
The recent pedophilia crisis presents an enormous, unprecedented opportunity for American Catholics. Many Catholics have long known that something was rotten in the Church. They were discouraged, however, by the Church from exploring further. Such authorit...
The Military Draft and Slavery
Rep. Ron Paul
I rise to introduce legislation expressing the sense of Congress that the United States government should not revive military conscription. Supporters of conscription have taken advantage of the events of September 11 to renew efforts to reinstate the military dra...
The Horror of It All
Claud Cockburn
Continued from part one… The German, and indeed most of the Western, intelligentsia were incredulous when Hitler set out to prove that Wall Street and the communists, all run by Jews, were in essence the same people pur...
Waylon Jennings, an Honest Outlaw
Jeffrey St. Clair
"To live outside the law you must be honest," sings Bob Dylan in Absolutely Sweet Marie, a tune that has always struck me as kind of comic rejoinder to Leadbelly’s great prison song Midnight Special. But those lines could also be an epitaph for the...
Remembering Tammy Wynette
David Vest
You don’t think of Tammy Wynette as a battered woman. You think of her as a star, the object of adulation and perhaps desire. She was the object, too, of envy, even of scorn. Hillary Clinton let it be known that she wasn’t going to stay home and...
Year of the Yellow Notepad
Alexander Cockburn
Call it the year of the yellow notepad. Doris Kearns Goodwin, ejected from Parnassus, from Pulitzer jury service and kindred honorable obligations, sinks under charges of plagiarism consequent, she claims, upon sloppy note-taking on her trusty yellow legal pads....
What Price Oslo?
Edward Said
The television images on Al-Jazeera have been burningly clear. There is a kind of Palestinian heroism in evidence there that makes this the story of our time. An entire army, navy, and air force supplied munificently and unconditionally by the United States have ...
The US and Iran’s Quest for Democracy
Saeed Vaseghi
If the recent US threats and actions damage the propcess of development of new democratic structures in Iran, then it will not be the first time that Iranians’ efforts to build a democratic system has been setback by foreign intervention. The last major int...
Occupation and Terror
James Packard Winkler, Ph.D.
The political battle continues in the Middle East through gun barrels rather than across negotiating tables. Americans are ill equipped to make sense of this historical conflict that pits two Semitic peoples against each other, each side exacting punishment and b...
The Horror of It All
Claud Cockburn
Continued from part two… Here we have a new aspect of the historical phenomenon represented by this book and its popularity. Some of its attitudes to class, to sex and to the Jews offer a preview of assumptions which a...
Wilhelm Reich
Reich published The Murder of Christ in the early 1950s. It was billed as Volume One of The Emotional Plague of Mankind, and dedicated thus: "To The Children of the Future." Gethsemane is the fourteenth chapter, subtitled "True Justice; the Meaning ...
A New International Division of Labor
M. Shahid Alam
  " it is exactly at one year old that I propose to provide for them [Irish children] in such a manner as instead of being a charge upon their parents or the parish, or wanting food and raiment for the rest of their lives, they shall ...
What’s Playing at My House
Dave Marsh
1. Patty Griffin, 1000 Kisses (ATO advance); 2. Mike Ireland and Holler, Try Again (...
The Horror of It All
Claud Cockburn
‘THE most daring and original novel of the century is When It Was Dark by Guy Thorne.’ Since the date of publication was 1903, this claim by the publishers might look as cautious as a bet on a cert. How many still more daring and original novels had ha...
American Soul (and Empire)
Shepherd Bliss
For over half a year now I have been trying to make meaning from the events surrounding the Sept. 11 Fall of the Towers. Grief, fear, and anger prompted this search. I have consumed hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, columns, analyses, and commentaries ...
Clearingcutting Montana
Jeffrey St. Clair
A tremendous victory. A kick in the ass of the timber industry. A huge step forward for native fish conservation. A win whose significance cannot be overstated. These are the chest-beating sound bytes that have been broadcast by a cadre of environmentalists to sup...
A Better World Is Possible
Fidel Castro
[Editor's Note: On March 22, the United States delegates to the International Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, Mexico, following instructions from the Bush White House, left their seats at the beginning of this speech by Fidel Castro. Had the...