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Archives from January 2002
Open Bag. Eat Pretzels
David Vest
“The nation can be grateful in the knowledge that Strom is in good health,” read the second e-mail I received dealing with the president’s fainting spell. (The first dealt with the location of the Japanese prime minister during the incident.) Bush, too,...
When In Doubt, Shred It
Russell Mokhiber And Robert Weissman
Arthur Andersen, one of the nation’s Big Five accounting firms, admitted this week that it destroyed a “significant” number of documents related to its audit of Enron, the Houston, Texas-based energy trading giant that collapsed spectacularly int...
Collapse of Georgia is Ignored by the World
Patrick Cockburn
In the depths of the Pankisi Gorge, a natural fortress in the mountains of northern Georgia shielded from the outside world by its sheer rock walls, kidnappers are holding an Orthodox monk and demanding $1 million for his release. The kidnapping has provoked a public o...
Emergine Alternatives in Palestine
Edward Said
Since it began 15 months ago the Palestinian Intifada has had little to show for itself politically, despite the remarkable fortitude of a militarily occupied, unarmed, poorly led, and still dispossessed people that has defied the pitiless ravages of Israel’...
Why We Kill People
C.G. Estabrook
Television news programs are suddenly a-flutter over accounts of the Bush administration’s negotiations with (and threats to) the Taliban about oil, long before September 11. It’s an indication of how insular the US media are that these reports were discussed ...
Forbidden Truths
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Conspiracy is going mainstream. On the morning of January 8 Paula Zahn of CNN went into wide-eyed mode as she parleyed with Richard Butler, former head of the UN inspection team in Iraq, latterly part of the wipe-out-Saddam lobby and now on the CNN payroll. They w...
Neil Young Supports Shredding Constitution
Lee Ballinger And Dave Marsh
People for the American Way, which once described the goal of the PMRC censors as “to bring children and parents together on music selection,” gave Neil Young its Spirit of Liberty award at a December 11 Beverly Hills banquet. Young used the occasion t...
Israeli Human Rights Group Assails IDF
Jim Lobe
An Israeli human rights group is charging in a new report that its country’s army is behaving with “blatant disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians” and a “complete lack of military accountability” as tensions in the Israeli-Palestin...
Must We Attack Iraq?
Hans Von Sponeck
In October 1998, the US Congress defined US policy on Iraq and passed the ‘Iraq Liberation Act’. It contains a passage which confirms that the ultimate objective of the United States authorities is the removal of Saddam Hussain and his government. This puts th...
From Greenpeace to Greenwash
Jeffrey St. Clair And Alexander Cockburn
Over the past quarter-century, Greenpeace has gone from one of the more radical environmental groups around to a gateway into the corporate world. More and more a stint at Greenpeace seems to be prerequisite on the resum? of top-flight public relations honchos. Gr...
Bush, Enron, UNOCAL and the Taliban
Tom Turnipseed
The Bush Administration’s entanglement with ENRON is beginning to unravel as it finally admits that Enron executives entered the White House six times last year to secretly plan the Administration’s energy policy with Vice-President Cheney before the c...
Russia’s Top Military Astrologer, Who Forecast Putin’s Rise, Warns of New Terror, Asserts Power of Stars, But Concedes Measure of Free Will
Marina Mayakova
The inflation rate will aggravate in March, premier Mikhail Kasyanov will be dismissed in May, the world war may start in 2008, Alexander Voloshin–the head of the presidential administration – will be dismissed in September. This was predicted by Alexa...
The Super-Burqa and the Big Tent
David Vest
In Afghanistan, as of this writing, women have not yet been bombed out of their burqas. It is risky to be the first in one’s village to shed the uniform of anonymity. At The Dancing Bare establishment, in Portland, Oregon, no one wears a burqa. There are no ...
Winnable Nuclear War?
N.D. Jayaprakash
The 13 December terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament and all other terrorist acts, especially in Jammu & Kashmir, are absolutely unpardonable. The trail of death and injury left behind by such mindless acts and the fear and hatred that has deeply scarred...
Kashmir Will Make Ground Zero Seem Like a Bonfire
Rafiq Kathwari
When I was a teenager about 35 years ago and in my final year in college in Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir, the movie “Battle for Algiers” was a big hit. It captured my imagination as well as that of my classmates, one of whom approached me a ...
Dark Tales from the Ministry of Truth
John Chuckman
Wars always have their propaganda, but it is often not very subtle. In the first world war, the Germans bayoneted babies, and nearly a century later, in a rework of the same false story, the Iraqis tore babies from respirators. But if you want to study the techniq...
Al-Qaeda at Guantámamo
Nelson P Valdés
The U.S. Defense Department announcement that it will use Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba to set up prison facilities and military tribunals where terrorists captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere will be held and tried raises important questions. Why select G...
Sting Like a B-52
Prudence Crowther
“We’re trying not to be the poodle of the White House,” Mr. Valenti said. “If it looks like you’re under government supervision, you lose all of the integrity of the message.” –“Hollywood Enlists ...
Do We Fear Freedom?
Robert Corn-Revere
Legal Times The war against terrorism is a war to preserve freedom, we are told. The president explained that the terrorists “hate us for our freedoms — our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagr...
Students Put the Heat on Sweatshops
Ralph Nader
It is a long distance from student consumers at U.S. college and university campus stores to the wretched overseas factories indenturing sweatshop workers who produce products for the U.S. market. But the United Students Against Sweatshops has built a network of s...
Better Medicine
Philip Farruggio
Okay here’s the deal: our elected officials are called “public servants”. Now, go to any household that maintains servants and see who has the better health care, the “master” or the “server”. Yet, our Congresspeople and s...
The Battle for Kashmir
Tariq Ali
Despite pleas of the new pro-Western regime, Afghanistan is still being bombed. Innocent people die every day. Osama bin Laden is still at large, but attention has already shifted to Pakistan. The destabilising effects of the war in Afghanistan were always likely ...
The Movie Star Israel Killed
Mark Schneider
Ever meet a movie star? I almost did. Before our delegation left Colorado for Palestine several of us went and saw a new movie documentary called “Promises.” The plot was simple: A Jewish Israeli man wanted to see if he could create relationship...
Is Israel More Secure Now?
Edward Said
‘The world is closing on us, pushing us through the last passage, and we tear off our limbs to pass through.’ Thus Mahmoud Darwish, writing in the aftermath of the PLO’s exit from Beirut in August 1982. ‘Where shall we go after the last fro...
Anti-War Equals Anti-Globalization
C.G. Estabrook
Not the least of the services that the September 11 attackers rendered to the Bush administration (and the business interests that back it) was to provide a basis for propaganda against the anti-globalization movement. From the point of view of Bush and his backer...