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Over the course of 21 years, we’ve published many unflattering stories about Henry Kissinger. We’ve recounted his involvement in the Chilean coup and the illegal bombings of Cambodia and Laos; his hidden role in the Kent State massacre and the genocide in East Timor; his noxious influence peddling in DC and craven work for dictators and repressive regimes around the world. We’ve questioned his ethics, his morals and his intelligence. We’ve called for him to be arrested and tried for war crimes. But nothing we’ve ever published pissed off HK quite like this sequence of photos taken at a conference in Brazil, which appeared in one of the early print editions of CounterPunch.
The publication of those photos, and the story that went with them, 20 years ago earned CounterPunch a global audience in the pre-web days and helped make our reputation as a fearless journal willing to take the fight to the forces of darkness without flinching. Now our future is entirely in your hands. Please donate.


Yes, these are dire political times. Many who optimistically hoped for real change have spent nearly five years under the cold downpour of political reality. Here at CounterPunch we’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, without illusions or despair. That’s why so many of you have found a refuge at CounterPunch and made us your homepage. You tell us that you love CounterPunch because the quality of the writing you find here in the original articles we offer every day and because we never flinch under fire. We appreciate the support and are prepared for the fierce battles to come.

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Archives from 1999
Barry McCaffrey and Jose Miguel Vivanco
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
No sane person believes in the “war on drugs” any more. This implies of course that our nation’s affairs are being directed by madmen, but you knew that anyway. Besides, there are signs that sanity may be seeping slowly through the halls of Congress. Thr...
Defamation, Revisionist Style
Edward Said
Given the approach of the final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians it seems worthwhile to record here the lengths to which the Israeli right-wing (Jabotinsky and Netanhayu’s Revisionists) will go to further its claims on all of Palestine aga...
The Horrors of Senator John McCain
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The top war-monger in Congress has been Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, seeker of the Republican presidential nomination. In one rhetorical bombing run after another, McCain has bellowed for “lights out in Belgrade” and for NATO to “cream&#...
Shrub’s Money Tree
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The media has widely reported that George W. Bush has put together a startlingly successful money-raising machine. At last report, Bush had pulled in more than $40 million. Much of the money has been raised through a network of Bush allies called the Pioneers. Each Pi...
Walter J. Rockler
As justification for our murderously destructive bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, it is of course necessary for the U.S. to charge that the Serbs have engaged in inhuman conduct, and that President Slobodan Milosevic, the head Serb demon, is a war criminal almost without p...
Pacifica Board Power Grab Clinched By CPB Pressure
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
On February 28 in Berkeley the Governing Board of the PacificaFoundation voted unanimously to approve a modification of the corporation’sby-laws, transferring the authority for nominating Governing Board membersentirely to the Governing Board, and outlawing concurre...
Demonizing the Serbs
The Yugoslavian government has just expelled some journalists from NATO countries from its territory. This is deplored by the media as censorship, but in some of us it has created a strange sense of relief: perhaps now there will be a ceasefire in the 10-year disi...
And Now From Pork Central:
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
As we go to press, pork dealers on Capitol Hill are locked in a titanicstruggle over the future apportionment of $27 billion. That is the estimatedlifetime cost of the nine B-2 bombers that Stealth partisans want the Congressto commit to in next year’s spending bill...
US Official Poisoner Dies
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Sidney Gottlieb, who for more than two decades managed the CIA’s TechnicalServices Division, died on March 10. His obituaries in the New York Timesand the Washington Post tended to focus own Gottlieb’s testing of LSD onhimself and other CIA officers, portrayin...
These children were injured in a NATO airstrike on a civilian bus outside of Pristina.
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The Coming of Enron
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
It’s been more than a year now since the Texas conglomerate Enron swaggeredinto Oregon to gobble up Portland General Electric for a cool $3.2 billion.The press delicately referred to the deal as a merger. But this has provena grotesque misnomer. There is no quest...
From Vietnam to Serbia
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Strange are the ways of men! It feels like only yesterday that the New York Times was denouncing President Bill as a moral midget, deserving of the harshest reprobation for fondling Monica Lewinsky’s breasts. And today here’s the New York Times doling out meas...
Serbia’s Memories
Michael Neumann
Professor of philosophy at Trent University, Peterborough, Canada. Though my family suffered under the Nazis, I have for some years now felt increasingly uncomfortable with talk about ‘The Holocaust...
The Case of Father Jerry
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
In 1996, a senior official in the Catholic church confided to a friendof CounterPunch, the Catholic church in America had thus far paid out $500million to settle priest abuse cases. On July 24, 1997, a Dallas jury imposeda $119.6 million in overall damages – the ...
Larry Summers’ War Against the Earth
Jim Vallette
International Trade Information Service Back on December 12, 1991, then the chief economist for the World Bank, Lawrence Summers, wrote an internal memo that was leaked to the environmental community, and we, in turn, publicized it. This memo remains relevant....
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
BERKELEY, CA – At a press conference at 1:30 p.m. today, Media Alliance Executive Director Andrea Buffa will release a controversial email she received yesterday that describes plans by Pacifica Radio to close KPFA and possibly sell another Pa...
CounterPunch’s Top 100 (and a few more) Non-fiction Works of the 20th Century
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Edward Abbey ...
Driving While Black
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The issue of racial profiling by police briefly grabbed the attentionof the press when New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman recently firedthe head of the state police after he accused blacks and hispanics of beingmore likely to be drug dealers and therefore deservin...
The “Peace” Agreement
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The text was in Serbian and translated by AP:   "In order to move forward toward solving the Kosovo crisis, an agreement should be reached on the following principles: “1: Imminent...
The Texas Death Machine
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Being charged with a capital crime is surely bad news anywhere but there’sno place worse than Texas. After the state Board of Pardons turned downKarla Faye Tucker’s petition, she became the 146th person executed by Texasafter the Supreme Court voted to rein...
CounterPunch’s 100 Favorite Films
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
The 39 Steps...
The Top 10 Reasons This War SUCKS!
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
This War SUCKS!ONEHas anyone thought about the peculiar logicbehind NATO’s “peace mission” in Kosovo? They dragged the warring parties to sometwo-bit pastry shop called Rambouillet, held a gun to their heads,and said, “If you don’t sig...
Robin Blackburn
We know that the Kosovan Albanians, and not a few Serbian civilians, have already paid a terrible price for the limited war between NATO and Yugoslavia. Some see this as a good reason for continuing the bombing or even escalating to a ground assault. Yet reports f...
Race and the Drug War
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
It’s not often that one sees Charles “Bell Curve” Murray and Prof. Cornel West holding hands, nor Ahmet Ertegun and Reagan’s secretary of state, George Schultz, but there they all were along with hundreds of others from the U.S. and around the w...
If It’s Thursday, Let’s Bomb Bulgaria!
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
By next week they’ll be bombing Athens on the grounds that over 90 percent of the Greek people oppose the war. So then the Turks, fully enlisted in NATO’s campaign, can get to bomb the Parthenon again, finishing the job they started in 1827. By the midd...