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The Criminalization of Black Life

Yvette Carnell on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; Lawrence Reichard tells the story of the wrongful conviction of Gary Tyler; and Christopher Ketcham on the unfettered power of prosecutors. Work and Suicide in France: Sarah Waters explores the economic forces driving the rise of workplace suicides in France; Dan Glazebrook on the neo-colonialism of offshore tax havens; David Macaray on the inglorious history of the Secret Service and Andrew Smolski dissects the biases of the New York Times’ coverage of Mexico. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair’s epitaph for the Sanders Revolution; Mike Whitney on the low interest con-job; Chris Floyd on the consequences of a permanent State of Emergency; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on Brexit and the Spanish elections; Lee Ballinger on the zealots of recycling and Kim Nicolini on the surrealist films of Yorgos Lanthimos.

Pillory Hillary Now

Hillary Clinton is not a lesser, but good enough, Bernie Sanders, even allowing for his many faults. She is a Wall Street flunky and a liberal imperialist with pronounced neocon predilections, who is shamelessly obeisant to all the usual suspects – from the fracking lobby to AIPAC. And because of her belief in “American exceptionalism” More

A Call to Action: Walk Out from the Democratic National Convention!

A serious and wide-ranging debate has been taking place among Sandernistas in the two weeks since Bernie endorsed Hillary. And now with the Democratic Convention underway, the unresolved questions become more pressing by the day.

The central issue is whether we should follow Bernie’s lead in supporting Hillary’s corporate politics, or continue the political revolution by building our movement independent of the DNC. While I supported Bernie’s primary campaign, spoke at Bernie rallies, and initiated Movement4Bernie, I believe we simply cannot follow him in his decision to back Hillary. Our political revolution now risks being turned into its opposite, and funnelled into support for the DNC’s neoliberal agenda.

An Update on the Hate…

The hate, that is, of reigning corporate Democrats for the many tens of millions of left-leaning progressives and liberals stuck in the ranks of the Dismal Dollar Democratic (DDD) Party. Perhaps, dear CounterPunch reader, you saw my May 26 CP essay “Feel the Hate,” in which I detailed various ways in top corporate and imperial Clinton Democrats have expressed this patrician contempt from the first two Clinton administrations (1993-2000) through the Bernie Sanders campaign and the spring of this year.

I don’t have time or energy to synopsize all that history here so please peruse that essay here before continuing on. It’s not a pretty story. More

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1998: Trump Comments On The Lewinsky Scandal

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