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Hillary and the Glass Ceilings Illusion

Meryl Streep must be a very intelligent woman to be such a good actress. So it was embarrassing to see her dressed in an American flag playing cheer leader for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention. One must suppose that she is too busy studying for all her varied movie roles to have learned much about the sinister nature of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. She proclaimed that President Hillary Clinton would be “making history” simply by being a woman. That means symbolic history. The fact that President Hillary Clinton is more likely to make real history by starting another war even more disastrous than those she has already helped get us into seems not to have occurred to Meryl Streep. More

Race and Class Gap Widening: Katrina Pain Index 2016 by the Numbers

Summary: Hurricane Katrina hit eleven years ago. Population of the City of New Orleans is down by over 95,000 people from 484,674 in 2000 to 389,617 in 2015. Almost all this loss of people is in the African American community. Child poverty is up, double the national average. The gap between rich and poor in New Orleans is massive, the largest in the country. The economic gap between well off whites and low income African Americans is widening. Despite receiving $76 billion in assistance after Katrina, it is clear that poor and working people in New Orleans, especially African Americans, got very little of that help. More

Will Progressive Democrats Ever Support a Third Party Candidate?

Is it ever the time to run a third party campaign for president to the left of the Democratic Party?

That question’s been on my mind a lot recently as supporters of Hillary Clinton work themselves into panic attacks over the prospect of a Trump presidency. Of course, trying to consolidate voters who are open to hearing their message but have reservations- like supporters of independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders- isn’t on the agenda. More

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Green Party VP Candidate Ajamu Baraka

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The Criminalization of Black Life

Yvette Carnell on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; Lawrence Reichard tells the story of the wrongful conviction of Gary Tyler; and Christopher Ketcham on the unfettered power of prosecutors. Work and Suicide in France: Sarah Waters explores the economic forces driving the rise of workplace suicides in France; Dan Glazebrook on the neo-colonialism of offshore tax havens; David Macaray on the inglorious history of the Secret Service and Andrew Smolski dissects the biases of the New York Times’ coverage of Mexico. PLUS: Jeffrey St. Clair’s epitaph for the Sanders Revolution; Mike Whitney on the low interest con-job; Chris Floyd on the consequences of a permanent State of Emergency; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on Brexit and the Spanish elections; Lee Ballinger on the zealots of recycling and Kim Nicolini on the surrealist films of Yorgos Lanthimos.