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unnamedHow the Democrats Destroyed Welfare

Margaret Kimberley combs through the ruins left by Clintons’ destruction of the federal welfare programs. Historian Carl Boggs on the new US/NATO War on Russia; Dan Glazebrook surveys the radical life of Paul Robeson; Andrew Smolski exposes how the Meridia Initiative was used to militarize the drug war on the US/Mexican border; Arturo Desimone reports from Buenos Aires on the new neoliberal government of Argentina; PLUS:  Jennifer Loewenstein on the wreckage of Gaza; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the refugee crisis in Europe; Mike Whitney on how the Fed mangled the economy; Yvette Carnell on Hillary as a broker of Black Life; Jeffery St. Clair on Hillary’s Blood Diamond, a visit to Hemingway’s house in Cuba; and Much More.

Wall Street Has Taken Over the Economy and is Draining It

The Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sector is dominated by finance. 70 to 80% of bank loans in North America and Europe are mortgage loans against real estate. So instead of a landowner class owning property clean and clear, as they did in the 19th century, now you have a democratization of real estate. 2/3 or more of the population owns their own home. But the only way to buy a home, or commercial real estate, is on credit. So the loan-to-value ratio goes up steadily. Banks lend more and more money to the real estate sector. A home or piece of real estate, or a stock or bond, is worth whatever banks are willing to lend against it.

The Bernie Fade Begins

“The 2016 presidential election,” Diana Johnstone recently wrote, “is shaping up as a contest between the two most hated people in America.” Bernie Sanders has called it quits. That’s what it means when your campaign says, as Bernie’s did two nights ago, that it looks forward to going to the Democratic National Convention to fight More

Dubai Transit

In May 2014 I had a four-hour transit at the Dubai International Airport on my way to the research field in Jordan. This was the first time for me to reconnect—not reconcile—with the Middle East after nine years of living in exile, since I left occupied Iraq in 2005. The flight from the U.S. to Dubai; the transit time I spent at the Dubai Airport; and the connection flight to my final destination were all experiences that captured so much of our world’s shallow and hypocritical reality of “diversity”, “marketing and consumerism”, and “multiculturalism”, which I would like to share with you today. More

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Afghanistan After Us

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