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Roaming Charges: Nasty As They Wanna Be

Back in the 1990s, Alexander Cockburn and I coined a term for how the mainstream press goes about disclosing acts of government villainy that the newspapers had previously connived with or worked to conceal, and often both. We called this technique the “uncover-up.”

An uncover-up unfolds something like this. A human rights group alleges that the US government has actively sponsored the torture and assassination of priests and nuns in a Latin American country. The front pages of a national paper, say the Washington Post, furiously deny the reports, citing unnamed sources deep in the intelligence community that a review had taken place and determined that the charges are unsubstantiated rumors with no factual basis. The editorial pages of the same paper then smear the sources of the story as left-wing agitators, agents of subversion or paranoids. More

Trump’s Second Gilded Age: Overcoming the Rule of Billionaires and Militarists

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he liked the uneducated and that once he assumed the presidency, he would appoint a range of incompetent people to high ranking positions that would insure that many people remain poorly educated, illiterate, and impoverished. A few examples make the point. Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Secretary of Education is a multi-millionaire, has no experience in higher education, supports for-profit charter schools, and is a strong advocate for private school vouchers. Without irony, she has described her role in education as one way to "advance God's kingdom." She is anti-union, and her motto for education affirms Trump’s own educational philosophy to “defund, devalue, and privatize.”


Trump’s Chumps: Victims of the Old Bait and Switch

In the days leading up to his Inauguration, and then for several months after that, Obamaphilia was in the air. By the summer of 2009, the fumes and vapors had mostly cleared out, but a residue lingered on.

A diluted version still lingers; witness the zeal of liberal NGOs and Democratic Party “outreach” operations sending birthday cards and thank you notes to the Obamas – to both of them because Michelle is, by now, the more popular of the two. More

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Yvette Carnell explores the failure of identity politics; Mike Whitney dissects Trump’s economic policy, which looks like the same old trickledown with a few troubling wrinkles; Chris Floyd charts the rise of Trump on the continuum of American politics; Jeffrey St. Clair dissects the Democrats’ abandonment of the working class; Anthony DiMaggio reports on the street protests against Trump and Alena Wolflink examines how Trump’s campaign hit all the right nerves. Plus: Jason Hirthler on whitewashing the crimes of empire; Joshua Frank on climate change and the future of the grizzly; Seth Sandronsky and Dan Berman on the struggle for workplace safety; Ruth Fowler on police violence and gentrification; Daniel Raventos and Julie Wark on the refugee crisis; Robert Hunziker on spiking radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean and much more.

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