The Real Trouble With Bernie

Sanders’ leftwing critics don’t get it: the trouble with Bernie is not that he can’t win or that his “socialism” is warmed over mid-century liberalism, or that, like other Democrats, he is an imperialist under the skin. This is all true, of course. It is also true that if “by their views, ye shall know More

Ben Carson, Joseph in Egypt, and the Attack on Rational Thought

I confess: I don’t believe in the biblical story of Joseph. Quite aside from the fanciful notion that Joseph built the pyramids for grain storage (as alleged by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson), I don’t believe in the Bible character himself---any more than I believe in Prometheus, Rama or the Yellow Emperor of Chinese mythology.

You perhaps recall the story. But I should not assume that, of course. (I am struck by how unfamiliar most of my students, at a highly competitive New England university, are with the Bible. This is in part because they come from all over the world, including countries where the Bible has minimal cultural impact. But even those born and raised in the U.S., and perhaps identifying as Christians or Jews, often seem lacking in a basic knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments.) More

Who’s Afraid of ISIS?

Paris. For French President François Hollande, the attacks in Paris on November 13, carried out by French and Belgian citizens, changed everything. His prior, oft-repeated mantra that “Assad must go” was consigned to the memory hole, defeating and destroying the Islamic State became France’s urgent priority and he set out to pull together a “grand More

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Phil Alvin & The Original Blasters – ‘Please, Please, Please’

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vol-22-no-8-cover-350x442BERNIE and the JETS:
Jeffrey St. Clair on Bernie Sanders’ dogged promotion of the F-35 Fighter and Obama’s killer drone program; The Political Economy of Scapegoating: Ben Debney on the politics of modern witch hunts; Assange and the Embassy: Binoy Kampmark reports on the ongoing pursuit of Julian Assange and Wikileaks’ latest explosive disclosures; The Great Lakes Nuke Dump: Joyce Nelson investigates the demented scheme to dispose of nuclear waste on the banks of Lake Huron; Frontline, East Jerusalem: Jennifer Loewenstein on the All Out War on Al Aqsa; Mike Whitney on Putin’s peace plan for Syria; Lee Ballinger on Music as the Conscience of the World; Chris Floyd on the bombing of the Kunduz hospital; and Paul Krassner on his friend Robin Williams.